Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sunday fun day...

this guy and i spent sunday morning raking out our gardens.  we bought our house in november, so we had no idea what was out there.  as i pulled away old leaves and dead branches, i could hardly contain myself.  we have beautiful perennials--lilies, hydrangea, and a whole bunch of mystery stuff that is already growing.  i was overdressed in jeans and a shirt.  finding perennials means i'll be able to focus on my [fenced in] vegetable garden. i can almost taste the fresh tomatoes and cukes...and something tells me that hobbes can too!

the smell of the dirt and the warmth of the sun made for a wonderful sunday.  oh and did i mention that we also went for a great walk at twin brooks, i got to hold belle for over an hour, and we got to play with a ten week old boxer.  weekend equals love.

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  1. I love watching Hobbes grow up. I'm down to eight pups and already it's starting to feel bare. :P They are all spoken for I'm afraid. :) I am getting excited though, I may be getting my own for keeps puppy in the fall!


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