Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a playhouse...

a few weeks ago i was chatting with a friend about a play kitchen (costing under $20 to make) that another friend had constructed for her son.  during our conversation my friend expressed her desire to create an inexpensive little house for her son to play in.  i sent her a link to something i'd seen online using a table and fabric.  she used that as inspiration and look what she made...

oh just some little pockets inside to put kid stuff...

and a kid-sized window...

i'm so impressed by my friend's sewing skills...and i'm dreaming of an adult-sized playhouse!

special thanks to tracy for the photos! 


  1. trent showed me that the other day! i was so excited. she did such a wonderful job!

  2. amazing! You couldn't buy a cuter playhouse then that!Great job :)

  3. Tracy is SOOO talented! That is too cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  4. that is on my to make list for sure!!!


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