Thursday, March 31, 2011

you can tell a lot about someone...

by what they carry in their purse.  at least that is what o's mom told me a while ago.  and yesterday i realized that she was right...what someone could tell about me wouldn't be good.

i opened my bag and these are just some of the things i found:

my wallet (hooray)
a pair and a half of mittens
a pair of clean socks
a pair of clean underwear
seven rolls of tape for my finger bandage
three tampons
claritin (i've never even taken this stuff!)
three pens
a ginger chew
a ginger chew wrapper
a peanut butter cracker wrapper
my checkbook
my little pouch of emergency supplies (extra contacts, pepto, a toothbrush, a hair band, and some xanax)
a dog clicker
three pennies
my work badge
some old receipts
crumbs from a bag of oyster crackers that exploded in my bag...ages ago.

i know what you must be thinking.  first, good lord how big is your bag?  second, gross. third, you can't really call those socks or underwear clean if they are covered in oyster crackers.  and lastly, you're imagining how embarrassed you'd be if you were me and i tripped and the contents of my bag went flying out for everyone to see.  i know. i know. i know.

i had a self-intervention and it's better now.  there is no longer a reason to judge.  phew.

so, i beg of you...please share with me something that you have in your purse, gym bag, or your car that might make me feel a little bit better after yesterday's disgusting realization?


  1. A dirty bib with spit-up on it. I wish I had some ginger chews :) xoxo Jess


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