Tuesday, March 15, 2011


i had big plans to tackle my first sweater this winter.  many folks said the sweater i chose was a great beginner sweater.  i got the yarn, the pattern, the needles.  when i sat down to start, i was entirely confused and overwhelmed by the instructions. aye!
so...i decided to try something else.  what i am making falls under the sweater umbrella, but may more accurately be called a poncho.  i know...i know.  that word, poncho, conjures up awful images.  but please trust me...it's going to be really pretty.
i've started and it's pretty slow going, but i'm plugging on.  oooh and the yarn.  the yarn!  it's carrie's yellow from quince & co.  it's lovely and going to be so warm when i'm done...which will likely be in time for next winter.
so when you see me in a poncho...be kind.  please.

1 comment:

  1. it will be the prettiest big bird poncho ever... ;) then next winter you can teach me how to knit.


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