Wednesday, March 30, 2011

lost and found...

Scattered coins
after little isabelle was born, i went out to get trevor and katie some pizza at portland pie just before they closed.  while carrying out the pizza box, salad, bag of chips, and my wallet i managed to drop my wallet and not notice.  i realized once i was back at the hospital that it was gone.  i called portland pie...they didn't have it or see it outside.

since it was late on a saturday night in the old port, i decided that i should probably cancel my cards when i got home as any number of crazy hooligans could have found it.  for the record i had $0.22 in my wallet...i'm not even joking. it was my cards, license, and gift cards that i was disappointed to lose.

i dropped off the pizza, said my goodbyes, went back to trace my steps, and then began my drive home empty-handed.  moments later i received a call from an unknown california number.  some kind guy had found my wallet and managed to find a scrap of paper or receipt in my wallet that had my number on it.

we met in the empty parking lot of el rayo just before midnight and he handed me my wallet with everything (including my small fortune) still in it.  i thanked him profusely and poof he was gone.  he did what any good person would do, but to me it was a really really big deal.

so if you happen to know a jeremy that lives on high street in portland please give him this message:

you are a kind guy.  thank you for making the late night effort to reunite me and my "big honking" wallet.  i hope that many many good things should come your way.
with gratitude and many thanks, jill

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