Monday, March 28, 2011

ice cream lunch...

on saturday morning, i met emily in freeport and we did a little shopping.  she mentioned a new ben and jerry's ice cream flavor that she hasn't stopped craving since she first heard about it.  luckily, there is a ben and jerry's stand in the middle of freeport.  we decided that ice cream makes a completely suitable lunch.

oh, but this isn't just any old ice cream.  this, my dear friends, is a sweet and salty slice of heaven called late night snack.  imagine...vanilla ice cream with fudge covered potato chip clusters and a salty caramel swirl.

we splurged and got waffle cones.  it was there with cone in hand that i got the message that it was baby time for trevor and katie.  i had to leave my six-month pregnant friend in a parking lot eating a big ice cream cone.   it could have been worse, right?

if you haven't had it, i suggest you get a cone...or maybe a pint.

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