Friday, March 4, 2011

changing times...

i love how quickly i can find things online and how accessible information is, but isn't it sad that something as beautiful as the library card catalog was (in most cases) lost in the shuffle? 

in the last entry of the baby journal that my mom kept, she mentions that i missed going to the fogler library at the university of maine.  i was just three then.  i remember as a young kid going to the dexter library.  when i was about eight, i used to pull out and touch all the books written in braille.  after, i would gather a pile of kids stories that looked interesting, while my mom was in the stacks doing the same thing.  i think about how loving books and the library has always been the case for a little girl, as i grew up, when as i moved away to college, as i settled in brookline, and as we lived in portland.  i also think about how i love to visit libraries on trips we take, like we did in amsterdam and in seattle.  it makes me realize that i need to visit our library in yarmouth when we get back.
i'm having a moment...public libraries are such an incredible thing, everyone, with a book about practically anything you can imagine, and for people of every age.  i am grateful to those who many years ago thought to create something so great...and i hope that libraries are something we have for a very very long time.

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