Thursday, March 31, 2011

you can tell a lot about someone...

by what they carry in their purse.  at least that is what o's mom told me a while ago.  and yesterday i realized that she was right...what someone could tell about me wouldn't be good.

i opened my bag and these are just some of the things i found:

my wallet (hooray)
a pair and a half of mittens
a pair of clean socks
a pair of clean underwear
seven rolls of tape for my finger bandage
three tampons
claritin (i've never even taken this stuff!)
three pens
a ginger chew
a ginger chew wrapper
a peanut butter cracker wrapper
my checkbook
my little pouch of emergency supplies (extra contacts, pepto, a toothbrush, a hair band, and some xanax)
a dog clicker
three pennies
my work badge
some old receipts
crumbs from a bag of oyster crackers that exploded in my bag...ages ago.

i know what you must be thinking.  first, good lord how big is your bag?  second, gross. third, you can't really call those socks or underwear clean if they are covered in oyster crackers.  and lastly, you're imagining how embarrassed you'd be if you were me and i tripped and the contents of my bag went flying out for everyone to see.  i know. i know. i know.

i had a self-intervention and it's better now.  there is no longer a reason to judge.  phew.

so, i beg of you...please share with me something that you have in your purse, gym bag, or your car that might make me feel a little bit better after yesterday's disgusting realization?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

lost and found...

Scattered coins
after little isabelle was born, i went out to get trevor and katie some pizza at portland pie just before they closed.  while carrying out the pizza box, salad, bag of chips, and my wallet i managed to drop my wallet and not notice.  i realized once i was back at the hospital that it was gone.  i called portland pie...they didn't have it or see it outside.

since it was late on a saturday night in the old port, i decided that i should probably cancel my cards when i got home as any number of crazy hooligans could have found it.  for the record i had $0.22 in my wallet...i'm not even joking. it was my cards, license, and gift cards that i was disappointed to lose.

i dropped off the pizza, said my goodbyes, went back to trace my steps, and then began my drive home empty-handed.  moments later i received a call from an unknown california number.  some kind guy had found my wallet and managed to find a scrap of paper or receipt in my wallet that had my number on it.

we met in the empty parking lot of el rayo just before midnight and he handed me my wallet with everything (including my small fortune) still in it.  i thanked him profusely and poof he was gone.  he did what any good person would do, but to me it was a really really big deal.

so if you happen to know a jeremy that lives on high street in portland please give him this message:

you are a kind guy.  thank you for making the late night effort to reunite me and my "big honking" wallet.  i hope that many many good things should come your way.
with gratitude and many thanks, jill

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Monday, March 28, 2011

ice cream lunch...

on saturday morning, i met emily in freeport and we did a little shopping.  she mentioned a new ben and jerry's ice cream flavor that she hasn't stopped craving since she first heard about it.  luckily, there is a ben and jerry's stand in the middle of freeport.  we decided that ice cream makes a completely suitable lunch.

oh, but this isn't just any old ice cream.  this, my dear friends, is a sweet and salty slice of heaven called late night snack.  imagine...vanilla ice cream with fudge covered potato chip clusters and a salty caramel swirl.

we splurged and got waffle cones.  it was there with cone in hand that i got the message that it was baby time for trevor and katie.  i had to leave my six-month pregnant friend in a parking lot eating a big ice cream cone.   it could have been worse, right?

if you haven't had it, i suggest you get a cone...or maybe a pint.

photo credit 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

my saturday...

there are words to describe how i spent my saturday at the hospital with trevor and katie, but i haven't really figured out the words to describe what the entire experience meant to me.   i am still working on that. i will share that it was beautiful...
there were so many smiles and lots of wet eyes...
 alongside moments of sheer pain there were deep breaths and times of peace and humor...
there was teamwork and encouragement... 
and at 9:54 in the evening, we witnessed sweet isabelle take her first breath and i witnessed trevor and katie's entry into parenthood.  i am grateful to have been in the room. it is something i'll remember as long as i have my memory.

Friday, March 25, 2011

go team...

the watson family is having a baby in the next few weeks and they've asked me to come to the hospital.  i am so excited and figured we probably needed t-shirts for such a momentous event.  so i got crafty!  check it out... 
i used some funky stencils, old t-shirts, and fabric paint.  i made one for me and one for trevor... 
i figure we're going to be fine.  you see we're on a bowling team together...we spend one night a week in a place loaded with germs, giving each other high fives, cheering each other on, and handling ten pound objects.  it's going to be great!  go team!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

just a nibble...

imagine sitting down in a big comfy chair to find this placed on the coffee table in front of you and looking up to see a dear friend sitting in an equally comfy chair on the other side of the table.  oh to spend the day talking and nibbling until you were caught up...and all that remained was the memory of these beautiful folds and the smell of cinnamon in the air.
doesn't that just sound so delightful? i can think of so many people that i wish would magically appear to share this.

photo credit: joy the baker

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


i made myself breakfast the other day and while eating in looked down and noticed the colors.  the yellow chairs we inherited from o's grandfather.  the little glass of orange juice.  the omelet with spinach and tomatoes.  i had to jump up and grab the camera.  in looking at the photo now, what i love most are the patterns in the table.

i am pretty sure i could eat breakfast foods for every meal and be a very happy lady (as long as cold pizza was considered breakfast).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

welcoming spring...

after work on friday night we met friends out for dinner.  one topic of discussion was winter foods...and those that have no place as we move (we've arrived) into spring.  so...we got together the next day for a farewell to winter and made two big batches of chili.  we chopped and diced and spiced.  and guess who took a spot in the kitchen amidst the action?
the chili was delicious.  we had a fire going all day.  we laughed alot.  we went to bed...and woke up to the official first day of spring!  and snowed.

Monday, March 21, 2011

house project...

on saturday a kind friend helped o make a mudroom/hobbes room in our garage.  as you can see above, they wore their work clothes.  today is the first day that hobbes is going to be at home by himself while we are at work.  sad.  would anyone even notice if i smuggled him into my workplace and had him sleep under my desk?

so...after framing in the room, we spent sunday insulating the room, installing a dog door, and fencing in an area in the back for hobbes to play.  teaching him to use the dog door was sweet.  he wasn't exactly sure what was going on...but i hope by tomorrow he'll be zipping in and out.

Friday, March 18, 2011

i'd know that box anywhere...

whenever we used to visit my grandparents, once of these boxes was on the table.  my gubby loved donut dip. i can't tell you how many times as a small child licked all the chocolate off the top of a boston cream, sucked all the custard filling out, and handed the donut shell to my dad.  

a few days ago there was a drive by donutting on cousins island.  this was all that remained when i thought to get my camera...
hobbes was tempted, but exhibited every ounce of willpower he had...
and hoped that if he gave me a sweet look, i'd give him a sweet treat...
if you are ever in west springfield, massachusetts stop at donut dip...and tell them dr. jim sent you.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

signs of spring...

our vase of red berries have been replaced by pussy willows, which a kind neighbor dropped off a few days ago.  this means that spring is actually happening.  to be fair, it looks like spring is happening at everyone's house...but ours.  next door there is grass and just small patches of snow and our yard is filled with feet of snow.  oh but all hope isn't lost...i found a few crocuses popping up near a non-snowy corner of our house.  it'sallhappening.
oh and it was past seven o'clock the other night and still not dark.  daylight savings, i love you!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

mr. bop bop...

hobbes has been changing so much lately and i'm trying to just soak it all in.  i hope to hold the following images in my mind for a long time...the way he bounced after something on little john on sunday, holding him in my lap in the packed car, how he can't hide that he's a puppy when he's excited, checking the neighborhood out from his dwindling snowy perch, the noise he made when ben lifted him up the other night, when he sticks his noise up to the open window in the car, and how he joins me in the kitchen and then just watches the floor to see if anything will drop.

mental snapshots of our little guy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


i had big plans to tackle my first sweater this winter.  many folks said the sweater i chose was a great beginner sweater.  i got the yarn, the pattern, the needles.  when i sat down to start, i was entirely confused and overwhelmed by the instructions. aye!
so...i decided to try something else.  what i am making falls under the sweater umbrella, but may more accurately be called a poncho.  i know...i know.  that word, poncho, conjures up awful images.  but please trust's going to be really pretty.
i've started and it's pretty slow going, but i'm plugging on.  oooh and the yarn.  the yarn!  it's carrie's yellow from quince & co.  it's lovely and going to be so warm when i'm done...which will likely be in time for next winter.
so when you see me in a kind.  please.

Monday, March 14, 2011

hand-tufted wool...

i've been dreaming of the rug that i posted on my blog last friday for years and years.  o, hobbes and i got up early on saturday and went to angela adams end of season sale.  we were waiting in line outside with 15-20 other people before the store opened.  i knew what i had in when the doors opened we had a mission.  we zipped into the back room and started pulling back the carpets laid on the floor on top of one another. i thought it was a lost cause when suddenly i saw it...and marked over sixty percent off the regular retail price.  
we paid for it and came back later in the day to pick it up.  i asked if i could see it fully laid out.  i had to resist every urge not to dive into it...or lay on it and do snow angels.  

miss adams, please know that your beautifully designed rug is nestled in our house on an island by the sea...just as it should be.  thank you.  thank you.  thank you.

Friday, March 11, 2011

photos i'm loving right now...

just some friday love.  what about you?  send me a photo of what you're loving right now!

have a great weekend.  any special plans?  we have a date tonight...ooh la la!

photos via: angela adams, lynda murtha, and design sponge

Thursday, March 10, 2011

my little gator...

i just found this photo from when hobbes was just nine weeks old.  love.  it's hard for me to imagine he was ever that small.  on tuesday night when we picked o up at the airport, hobbes climbed in the front seat and sat right on his lap.  he's way too big for that...he still thinks he's a little pup.  we just sat there for a while and o held him.

the boys have been catching up from their time apart.  sleeping in, running around, and working on their english words and phrases.  it makes it hard to leave for work in the morning!

happy thursday!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

pretty books and pouring paint...

i love these faded book covers.  i love the range of colors.  i would love to hunt around for old books and then sit them in the sun.  i would love to mount them on a wall. 

i love the colors.  i love the process.  i love how the paint spills over the edges.  i love how it comes over one edge and then seconds later over another.  

what are you loving this wednesday morning?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

at long last...

on sunday i met my parents for the hobbes hand-off/reunion.  it was great!  he looked a little bigger, was cuter than i remembered, and learned some new manners on his vacation.  thanks mom and dad...a whole bunch!

from there we drove to a great preserve in yarmouth and went for a long walk in the soft snow.  we came home and chipped the ice off the driveway, played some, and then he fell peacefully asleep on his bed and settled into home.

we've been catching up on ear scratches, head tilts, and cuddles.  tonight we get to pick up o from the airport.  he's been gone for weeks.  so, at long last, i can fall asleep under the same roof as both of my guys!

Monday, March 7, 2011


The Avanti Run, Vail
after a bunch of wonderful days of skiing, time with o's family, restaurant hopping, and starting to knit a sweater (sort of...more on that later) it was time for me to leave the rockies and head home.  saturday was a long travel day...however the rental car guy who drove me right to the terminal, the short security lines (in denver...i know!), the united agent who bumped me up to economy plus, and the great views driving from vail made it a breeze.  

i got my luggage, actually remembered where i parked the car, and zipped home.  oh the feeling of coming home!  i quickly climbed in bed.  the sooner i fell asleep, the sooner it was sunday...they day i got to get hobbes!

Friday, March 4, 2011

changing times...

i love how quickly i can find things online and how accessible information is, but isn't it sad that something as beautiful as the library card catalog was (in most cases) lost in the shuffle? 

in the last entry of the baby journal that my mom kept, she mentions that i missed going to the fogler library at the university of maine.  i was just three then.  i remember as a young kid going to the dexter library.  when i was about eight, i used to pull out and touch all the books written in braille.  after, i would gather a pile of kids stories that looked interesting, while my mom was in the stacks doing the same thing.  i think about how loving books and the library has always been the case for a little girl, as i grew up, when as i moved away to college, as i settled in brookline, and as we lived in portland.  i also think about how i love to visit libraries on trips we take, like we did in amsterdam and in seattle.  it makes me realize that i need to visit our library in yarmouth when we get back.
i'm having a moment...public libraries are such an incredible thing, everyone, with a book about practically anything you can imagine, and for people of every age.  i am grateful to those who many years ago thought to create something so great...and i hope that libraries are something we have for a very very long time.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

i miss this guy...

{that's all.  oh but he's living the good life in rockport!}

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

today i'm thinking about...

anne shirley...anne of green gables! i'm not exactly sure why she's on my mind so much today, but there she is.  i have so many favorite part of that series and just looking at the picture above takes me to prince edward island.  is there a show, series, or movie that just takes you back to growing up?

photo credit

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

indoor treehouse...

since the discovery of a critter in our second floor, the idea of making a me nest in the front room closet has become at little less desirable.  now, i'm thinking about one of these in our big white room.  part tree house, part nest, part guest bedroom.

o, thoughts?

photo credit
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