Thursday, February 24, 2011

a walk on little john...

on sunday hobbes and i slept until ten o'clock...ten o'clock! i haven't slept that long in a while!  with all our new energy we threw some ingredients in the crock pot and headed out on our longest walk yet.  we parked on talbot road on cousins and then walked the bridge to little john and down pemasong road to the royal river conservation area.  we usually drive, but enjoyed walking the long dirt road.  we only saw three cars on our whole loop...and we saw an owl land in the trees, which was so beautiful.

we made sure to stop at the clearing and gaze out to chebeague...
when we arrived home, hobbes used what little energy he had left to chew apart one of o's shoelaces and then passed out.  i spent the afternoon writing and watching a movie.  sundays are great...but a sunday of a long weekend is even greater!

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