Tuesday, January 4, 2011

pasta making 101...

on new year's day it took alot of hands to make one of the yummiest dinners i've had in a while. we made fresh pasta, lobster ravioli, gnocchi, pesto, marinara sauce, and carbonara...oh and a big salad. it took hours...but it was so fun and incredibly delicious.

bryce played the role of the italian grandmother and josh was his assistant as they rolled dough...
my favorite part (aside from eating it) was watching as the pasta was cut...
hobbes loved all the action in the kitchen and found a good place to watch for any falling crumbs!
sitting together and enjoying all of our hard work was so tasty. i somehow managed not to overeat! we're already scheming for our next fresh pasta adventure...there's talk of a lasagna!

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  1. eric and i are about to embark on our own fresh pasta adventure. i got him a really nice pasta extruder for our new kitchenaid. it makes the round pastas...rotini, macaroni, etc. yum! luckily he has experience with fresh pasta as he used to work in an italian restaurant where they made their own. :)


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