Thursday, January 20, 2011


we've (almost) settled on a paint color for the kitchen...and we are really excited. i can't wait to get started and to share some photos. we're also talking about paint colors for the rooms upstairs. since we aren't living in the upstairs right now, sometimes i forget that we have it. i'm so excited to paint up there and not have to worry about splattering...and then i can't wait to rip the carpets up. i look forward to the day when the front room ceiling doesn't have old glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and a closet painted in primary colors. also...i'm hoping i might convince o to give me the big closet in the front room to make into a little me space filled with pillows, a tiny bookshelf, and a reading light. it's the perfect spot! i'd even welcome visitors!

for me these are the joys of home ownership. it's not the frozen pipes, mortgage payments, or cool showers, but the dreaming about making the space ours! oooh lately i've been dreaming about my garden. it's a little soon...but i can almost taste the tomatoes and basil! thankfully i have some more time to plan and dream while the knee deep snow in our backyard thaws.

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