Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my baby journal...

while cleaning my office and going through my things over vacation, i came across the journal that my mom kept from the day i was born until just after my third birthday. it's no fancy baby book. it's a spiral note book...a chartreuse green cover that is slightly tattered and just the very edges of the lined pages are starting to yellow.
i decided to type up each of her entries, because...well, because i wanted to. it was partly out of fear that this would somehow get lost and partly because i wanted to share piece of it.

i'm most interested by the parts of this little person (me!) whom i can identify with thirty years later. oh and i love the people who are mentioned that are still in my life today!

this book and the audio tape of a family dinner during the blizzard of 1982 are my most cherished possessions. i love these so dearly because they show a slice in time, they help me to remember that which i cannot remember for myself, and they capture our family perfectly.


  1. I love this! I do this for my two little ones, and keep almost losing motivation...this will keep me writing in hopes that they one day will feel the same way that you do!
    -drea b-c

  2. I just love this. It makes me realize that I need to start a babybook for little C... No more excuses. xo

  3. this is excellent! and the fact that you are typing all of the notes up to keep them forever is awesome. You could scan in the pages too as a backup of her handwriting in digital form in case the pages fade. Love your shots too, what great photos!


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