Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Mounted Antlers

four! that's how many moose we saw during our drive from saddleback mountain to sugarloaf mountain...all on separate occasions. thankfully they had all already crossed the road and one of us was able them in the headlights each time. ugh but my stomach dropped at every sighting...those huge antlers, big and tall bodies, and dark roads.

i was relieved when we safely arrived at our destination...but i have to admit i was a tiny bit afraid all weekend that a big old moose was going to sneak up on me and hobbes during our morning walk in the woods. ahh but thankfully there were no more moose.

side note: we found a great dog trail just off the x-c skiing trails...and we met a dog that literally made a huge doggy snow angel. it was awesome!

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  1. a little tidbit i forgot to mention when i was giving you directions...that section of rt 16 is called moose alley:) i saw 2 on the way back to farmington, they must have been headed to the rack for apres


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