Monday, January 10, 2011

the dogs of pinnacle farm...

a few weeks ago we got a holiday message from hannah at pinnacle farm where we got hobbes. all the other folks with pinnacle farm pups were cc'd on the message. that's when i got an idea. i wrote to everyone...except hannah and asked them to send me a picture of their dog so i (read: my more patient better half) could make a video to send to hannah as a way to thank her.

hobbes has brought so much love and laughter...and joy into our home. i never imagined i could love an animal this much. so...thank you o for your help, hannah for raising these wonderful dogs for their first few months, to the couple i stopped in the old port last year to ask about their beautiful dog who led us to pinnacle farm, hobbes for being such a love, and to all the kind owners who so quickly and enthusiastically responded to my request.

enjoy the video!


  1. I love this Jill!!! So fun to see so many of Hobbes relatives! Nice job and such a sweet thing to have done for Hannah!

  2. really cool and lovely idea. i am sure she loved it! to see all her babies grow up. :)

  3. that is just the greatest thing ever. nice job o-jana


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