Friday, January 7, 2011


i wish o and i had these bunks in our house. aren't they incredible? there would be one for us to cuddle and watch old episodes of silly shows, one for each of us if we wanted alone time...and one for little hobbes! i always dreamed of having a bunk or a lofted bed. it wasn't until i was 28 that this dream came true (thanks caitlin). when i look at this picture i also imagine... quadruplets living in something like this...or if this was a stage and each of the cubbies could be a set...or being at sky meadow where the beds were just like this! oh fun fun.

well...have a great weekend all! any fun plans? jill and jersey are on their way to visit and we are so excited for a weekend of slipper wearing, great food, long walks, and maybe some games!

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  1. Just catching up on blog-reading and smiling away. Love love love. OXOXO


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