Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i love...

the noises he makes in the middle of the night, the fuzz between his ears, the bandage he has on his paw right now, watching him explore in the woods, how much he loves being by the action, his love of peanut butter, when he puts the breaks on while running when i whistle, seeing him slide across the ice, how much he loves the braided fleece rope that ian gave him and the kitty that maryellen gave him, when he climbs into our bed around 6:30 in the morning, when he gets lazy in the middle of licking something and just leaves his tongue hanging outside his mouth mid-lick, the way he walks when he has his water-proof bootie for his bandage on, and how small he becomes when he curls up to sleep. oh the list goes on...


  1. oh Hobbes!! What happened to his paw that he needs a bandage?

  2. Aw, dogs are just the best! Make us appreciate life so fully, don't they?! Dakota hopes to romp with Hobbes at the beach soon!!


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