Tuesday, November 30, 2010

weekend project...

this weekend we are going to attempt the beauty above for our holiday mantle. the brown of the bottles will be perfect with our fireplace. i'm hoping for bottles of various heights and widths...and for minimal broken glass.

if you have any great bottle ideas let me know.

i promise to share pictures as soon as i find my missing camera cord. again! i know!

for instructions and image credits click here and here.

Monday, November 29, 2010

oh vacation...

ah the monday morning after a week long vacation...boo! i could use a few more weeks. anyone else? we had such a wonderful time these past few days...we took lots of walks in the woods and by the sea, hobbes went on his first hike, we got to be with family and friends, hobbes inherited lots of new dog toys, we settled into home, and we ate so many delicious meals.

thankful doesn't even begin to describe it!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Cherry Heart Tarts
happy thanksgiving. we are busy helping my family cook for our big feast. mom always makes raspberry tarts with any leftover pie dough, so this picture reminded me of home. here's to dancing turkeys, peeling apples and potatoes, sitting together, a long walk with hobbes, and sneaking back into the kitchen a few hours later for leftovers.

i hope you are surrounded by that which you are thankful for today!

i'll be back on monday...and with lots of new photos!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Nikon D60 with Nikkor AF-70-300mm
i've had a cough these past few days and o came down with a cold at the end of the weekend...our house is an infirmary. the other night we just wanted total comfort...and so we mustered all the strength we had and carried our futon into our big family room. we made a fire, got lots of pillows, had dinner in bed, curled up and watched a movie, made big mugs of throat coat tea, and kept adding logs throughout the night. hobbes loved nuzzling in between our feet. we were all so cozy.

after the movie we dozed in and out watching a show on pbs about john lennon and yoko ono. at the very end of the show during the scene following when lennon had been shot, hobbes sat straight up from sleeping and howled/sang along with the siren noises on the tv...a sad beatles fan.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

you know you're in maine...

Blaze Orange Hunting Vest
when you are crafting a blaze orange vest for your little dog to wear. rather than spend $35 on something hobbes will outgrow, i got a blaze orange vest for $4 and i'm going to take a stab at making him something to wear as he runs through the woods.

i'll keep you posted...

Monday, November 22, 2010

in the woods...

this weekend we explored the many trails and wooded areas near our house. hobbes couldn't have been happier cruising through the woods, jumping over sticks, running through the mud, following scents, and being outside. i'm so happy just walking along as he checks in, zips past, and continues on.

in other exciting news i finally unpacked and in the process found my camera charger, which means some pictures of the house and hobbes pictures soon!

photo credit

Friday, November 19, 2010

my new ride...

my new ride [only] has a tapedeck. so, when i'm home at my parents' house for thanksgiving i'm going to grab my collection of my old mix tapes. it will be like going back in time. i knew i was saving those tapes for a reason! 1993-1998 i'm coming for you. i'm actually really really excited.

sweet romance. sweet mixtapes. sweet dancing.

happy weekend.

p.s. it's friendsgiving this weekend.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

oh the potential...

fortunately this cord with colorful felted bursts of color is sold out at anthropologie or else i would have gone on a major spending spree. this would have been perfect for our mantle or on a big christmas tree in our ultra white living room. or would look great on a brown paper package. it would also look cute as a collar on hobbes or as a leash for a holiday photo.

the good thing is that this is one of those items that simply looking at the photo is enough.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

on being home...

being home is reminding me of all the things i love about where we are now...nightly fires in the stove or fireplace, hobbes sleeping at our feet at night, friendly neighbors, walking through the field, watching hobbes cruise around off leash, how still the water was last night, living without many of our things (either still packed or at our other house), cups of tea, darkness that makes me want to go to bed at around 5:17pm, brainstorming ideas for the various walls and nooks of our house, finding big colorful christmas light bulbs on the tree in our backyard, when our big black fluffy dog neighbor was walking around our backyard and i thought it was a bear, and still not fully knowing where things are (our dishes, things, light switches).

i'm looking forward to this weekend and some days off from work when i can just hunker down and settle in.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my favorite question...

Couple in the snow
my favorite thing to ask people that i know, know but could know better, or have recently met who happen to mention a significant other in a conversation is to find out how they met. i love watching people go back in their mind, sharing their side of the story, illustrating a point in time, and in a way falling in love again. even if the story is simple it is always interesting...well to me anyways.

last year at o's grandfather's memorial i met the widow of o's grandfather's best friend. when i asked her about how she and her husband met she told me she was in high school and was walking home one day when a guy drove up along side her and started talking to her. she said she wasn't interested, so he silently drove slowly beside her all the way home. at that point in her story she paused, looked at me, and said...well, then we got married. there must have been more, but that was enough for me.

Monday, November 15, 2010

we the people...

i'm back from philly...and exhausted, but thrilled to be home with hobbes (he's so big) and o! the work trip was great. my favorite moment from the conference and staff training was being in the room when our nearly fifty staff from all over the world went around and introduced themselves. i loved the accents and hearing people stand, say there name, and state where they are from. it was really powerful and incredible to witness...and yet so very simple. the voices from senegal, spain, chile, russia and the many other places sit in my otherwise sleepy mind.

Monday, November 8, 2010

this face...

this is one of the faces i'm missing mucho mucho while i'm in philly. things have gotten busier than expected, so i'll be back next monday...and thinking of this guy and the one who walks him until then!

Friday, November 5, 2010

i'm off...

well kiddos, i'm off to philadelphia for the next ten days for work. o will be taking care of mr. hobbes and the homestead while i'm gone. i'll miss them so much and eagerly await the moment when i step foot back in our house.

until then it will busy, but hopefully not too busy to squeeze in a visit with little isla, caitlin and blair. i'll be blogging next week so...have a great weekend!

p.s. i'm already looking forward to seeing just how large miss kristen's suitcase actually is!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

in the doghouse...

when evan arrived on saturday to help us move, look what he brought/built for us! well not for us...for hobbes! this is the doghouse that o's first dog, jasper, lived in. his mom told me it was also the first thing o learned how to shingle. anyways...evan worked tirelessly at the shop for days cleaning it up, adding some new touches, and getting it finished.

hobbes is still a little unsure what to make of it all, but i just feel so grateful! thanks evan...the time and hardwork you put into making such a sweet place for hobbes to call home is so kind and we are so appreciative!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a slice of home...

yesterday afternoon i came back to my desk at work to find the most perfect basket of goods...honey, wine, salt, and bread in a beautiful basket. this deliciousness was left by some kind co-workers (thanks gang!). i mean look at the patterns in the bread...
we nibbled as soon as we got home. since hobbes was playing in the mudflats yesterday, we gave him a bath after dinner. we made a fire, hobbes fell asleep and started snoring just a foot from the crackling logs, and it felt like home.

here is a sneak peek of what home looks like right now...
most of our important furniture is still at our old house...but we both agree we're sleeping better on the floor than we were in our old bed. says alot for our bed, eh?!

more on our house soon...and hobbes new house. that's right...hobbes got two new houses this weekend.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


hobbes and i raked the yard yesterday and oh do i love the smell of leaves, the sound they make underfoot, how quickly you can make a pile, and how crazy he gets when i throw them up in the air. the blisters on my hands (and i was even wearing gloves) hurt like crazy, but we had great fun. my favorite moment was when i buried him in the leaves and only his little head popped out. it was a wonderful way to start the day and we got some good exercise (my arms are already sore!).

later in the day hobbes had all he could do to keep up with ollie running around by the ocean. how am i going to leave this guy (and my other guy) for 9 days?

Monday, November 1, 2010


{me and hobbes at madeleine point}

hello gang. we did it. on friday afternoon we closed on our new house. we've decided to sell our house in portland, so we had to get it ready for an open house on sunday. so to celebrate the closing we moved all of our items from our second and third floor down to the first floor so o could paint the main steps and so saturday's move would be easier. we spent the last night in our house on a futon in the middle of our living room floor with hobbes nestled at our feet.

the next two days were a mix of cleaning our house in the east end, moving our belongings, unpacking, cleaning our new house...and minimal showering. it's been a busy weekend. we worked really hard, but we weren't the only ones. we did it with the help of o's mom and dad and both of our brothers. there were a million moments when i just had to stop and soak it in...the love we are surrounded by, the teamwork that made it all possible, the truly beautiful place we now call home, leaving the place we've called home, little hobbes sniffing around and exploring this new space, our incredible walk to little john island, our walk home last night through the leaves and kiddos trick or treating, oh i could go on and on.

we have much to do, but it feels exciting. things are taking shape! i took today off from work. christina and amelia are headed over to help us set up the kitchen and pick out carpet for our second floor. additionally i hope to get myself semi-packed for my upcoming trip to philadelphia and go for a nice long walk with hobbes.

i've been bad about pictures. i didn't take any this weekend...we were so busy and also because my camera battery is dead and i haven't unpacked the charger yet. more picts soon.

tell me how was your weekend...i'm curious!
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