Friday, October 29, 2010

sneak peak inside the (almost) new house...

i kid. i kid.

i found this picture that i took inside the intercontinental in istanbul...hello glitzy tacky. i promise you our almost new place looks nothing like this. i can't wait to take pictures and share them with you as we settle in. fingers crossed by the end of today we'll own a sweet shingled cape on cousins island. apparently i missed the fact that it has a basketball hoop in the i foresee many games of pig and free throw contests. ok, wish us luck! happy weekend.

p.s. have i mentioned how much i love watching o wake hobbes to go outside just before he goes to bed. hobbes is usually conked out half under the couch and o has to wake him up. hobbes makes silly noises and keeps trying to lay back down and fall asleep. it's too much.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

easy wonderful...

Where is the Love?
last night em and stew came up from boston and met me, jedd, amanda, and o for some delicious food and the guster concert at the state theater. guster's new album is called easy wonderful, which is exactly how i felt about last night. great music, an old theater revamped, good people watching, parking a street away, great friends, more pizza, and a simply wonderful time.

it felt like the band got back's been too long!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


things are busy and feel a little crazy right now, but i'm so excited to know that in just four days we'll be island folk. i'm excited for our first walks to madeline point, little john island, and around the neighborhood. i also can't wait to meet the really old guys that we've seen slowly walking his dog around the island every time we've visited. somehow i think we're meant to be friends...i just feel it!

until then we'll lift with our knees and soak up our last days in this sweet space that has been so good to us!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

these ladies saved the day...

yesterday these two lovelies were the definition of good friends to me...and hobbes. thanks christina and amelia! we loved seeing you twice in one day! i hope that each and everyone person on this planet has someone (or many someones) in their life they can call without hesitation that provides laughter until tears, creative inspiration, and kindness.

we seem to leave each visit with some stories half be finished the next time.

miss christina, there is a big sandwich at claytons with your name on it. honored to call you a friend!

Monday, October 25, 2010

the weekend of pizza and boxes...

Cardboard boxes

this weekend was filled with boxes and packing, cranking up the woodstove, chilly trips to the beach, a visit from evan and kili, and pizza for almost every meal (friday dinner, saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, sunday lunch and dinner). we made two homemade pizza pies, went to flatbread, and hit up otto's. a pizza extravaganza. it was an easy meal as we tried to pack up the house. as for packing...we are in pretty good shape, i think.

we got rid of three huge boxes of stuff. o let go of lots of old stuff...his ronald reagan halloween mask from 6th grade, his first place trophy from a fun run in 1987, a pair of boots he's had for almost 15 years, and his high school track jacket. if any of these items sound nice to you...we dropped everything at the salvation army in bayside.

for me the highlight of the weekend had nothing to do with pizza or packing. we gave hobbes a bath on saturday and afterwards he was chilly and exhausted (as he'd been to dog daycare for the day so we could pack). as he shivered by his bed, his eyes heavy, i found an old piece of fleece in my craft room to use for a blanket and also may have snapped the zip-off hood part of a jacket that jani left here on his head (email me if you want to see the photo). he was so happy. he looked like a toasty camper in a sleeping bag.

i foresee lots of lazy weekends with all of us bundled by the fireplace as maine heads towards winter...and likely lots of homemade pizza, too!

Friday, October 22, 2010

i before e...

i obeyed the i before e except after c when spelling weird for way too long. what was once wierd is now weird. it took some time, but i figured it out! are a few things in my world that are a little weird:
  • we are closing on our house next in a week from today.
  • we have to pack our entire house between now and then
  • hobbes is growing like a weed
  • and he loves to eat whole carrots
  • i need to buy a car in the coming weeks...and i'm entirely overwhelmed!
  • o is becoming a morning person...for real!
  • it's friday.
this weekend includes printing a ton of envelopes for an invite job, packing up, being outside with hobbes, soaking up life in the east end, and eating down the house. have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


today i'd love it if this were my workplace...a tent filled with pillows and a comfy bed out in the woods. i'd sleep a bunch, read, snack, friends would stop by for visits, and i would pop my head outside to be warmed by the sun.

we just finished the movie taking woodstock, so this picture seems know minus the decorative flags and plus five hundred thousand hippies!

blog readers, especially my crazy busy blog reading co-workers, what would your dream workplace be today?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sandy love...

this work by jim denevan is too much. can you imagine a wide open smooth sandy beach and a stick to make big crazy designs? i'd probably make some swirls, draw a bunch of stick people, and try to write something so big that people flying in a plane could see. that just sounds like the perfect afternoon. the last time i wrote in the sand was a little over a week ago when we had hobbes at the beach...

o and i just looked at the photos we have of little hobbes from when we first got him and it's incredible how much he's changed...and how much we've changed. it's wednesday gang...find a beach and get creative!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

one last taste of summer...

i've decided this photo will be my inspiration at wednesday's farmers' market. it looks really summery, but i think i should be able to get some tomatoes and a cluster of basil...right? in addition i'll gather items for a yummy stew, which is a little more seasonally appropriate.

yesterday i had the most perfect little husk cherry. i'm hoping to get a small container of those, too...and to not eat them all in one sitting. oh and some crisp apples to eat with my honey roasted peanut butter. and a big old knobby carrot for little hob nob. that should be about all i can carry!

Monday, October 18, 2010

from new york to new harbor...

Central Park Fall -14
from that...
in the woods...
to this!

when my plane landed on saturday afternoon from new york the boys picked me up and we went straight to new harbor for the night to celebrate an exciting move, an exciting upcoming trip and an anniversary for t and d, a recent graduation, and o's brother's decision to stay in maine.

hobbes looked enormous and i was only away for three days. oh but o has been busy working on training and hobbes is just so so happy and pleased with himself. and he was made even happier the minute we arrived in new were we!

hobbes and kili played for hours, i read my new book (love...more on that soon), we ate warm chocolate chip cookies after dinner, had a long (and tick filled) walk through the woods, learned about d's 60th birthday wishes (hello jack johnson concert), worked on training with hobbes (he's doing so well), enjoyed the colorful foliage, and i laughed alot with o.

new york you were lovely, but you know me...i'm a small town girl!

photo credit 1 and 2

Friday, October 15, 2010

the big apple...

hello dears. i'm in nyc for work for a few days. last night i walked all over the city even though it was raining like crazy. boy is central park magnificent...and they people watching here is the best. i loved seeing all the umbrellas...some bent, some huge, some with two people cuddling underneath, some protecting little dogs. after my walkabout i enjoyed dinner with dana and saya in there beautiful apartment. they lent me slippers and stretchy pants when i shoes and pants were that wet! it was so cozy!

have a great weekend and stay dry.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

the hills are alive...

a few months ago our group of friends discussed dressing as the von trapp family for halloween. wouldn't that be so fun...singing, matching outfits, and standing in height order. anyways, we haven't talked about it in a while, but yesterday it seemed like i should not let this idea go.

emily sent me and o an email with the subject "jill as an old lady" and all the message said was "second from the left"...see below...
this is the von trapp family and that lady looks just like me. a sign don't you think?! i'm curious which of the von trapp girls she is! am i leisl? is o my rolf?

are you dressing up for halloween? if so, what are you going as?

photo credits: movie and photo

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


hobbes and i went to the beach twice yesterday. it was a lovely way to start and end our day, especially since with the timing of the tides. in the morning we met two dogs...rusty and calvin. that's right...i was on the beach with calvin and hobbes.

as the sun was setting we hit the beach, which was full of big dogs. as the beach began to clear we saw a familiar face...calvin and his owner. the two played for a while, as if they knew they were meant to be friends.

it was a good day...filled with thoughts of a six year old and his tiger...dogs and the beach...calvin and hobbes! o already has his old comic books out for me to read. i can't wait to get lost on adventures with these two!

"it's a magical world, hobbes, ol' buddy...let's go exploring!"
bill watterson

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the fantastic mr. hobbes and a fall weekend...

{our silhouette on the way to the beach}

this long weekend was great. we had the perfect mix of home projects, relaxation, beach time, and visits with friends...all amidst incredible fall weather.

thanks to all the hard work from o's brother and dad our house is in great shape. we had a few little things to finish off. o shingled a few areas of the garage and we needed to paint just the new section, so we went to maine hardware and picked the matching paint color...which didn't match at all when we got home. we'd tried to hard! this is why we spent part of sunday painting the entire garage. high five! check it out...

it's wasn't all work...and even when we were working we had lots of fun. for me the highlight of the weekend was when we sat down to watch fantastic mr. fox. little hobbes came into the living room and literally watched the movie. when he hears a sounds he doesn't recognize his head tilts from side to side. for the first two minutes of the movie his head was just tipping back and forth. it was so sweet...our fantastic mr. hobbes.

oh and there was a visit to duckfat and flatbread with jedd and amanda...the perfect way to end the long weekend.

Friday, October 8, 2010

woot woot...

Yippee! Yay! Yahooey!
this house is full of excitement this (today!) o finishes with graduate school. hobbes and i are big time proud of our guy and i can't wait to give o hugs and high fives (hobbes promises ear licks) when he arrives home tonight. we have special dinner plans out to celebrate!

more free time for o...yippee! it's friday...yay! and we have a long weekend...yahooey! i'll be back on tuesday with some more home improvement picts and tales from the weekend. happy friday!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

i could hide in this...

isn't this so incredible. it's a hat and scarf combo for your neck...brilliant! i should say brilliant as long as it isn't itchy. i'm loving this gradual easing into fall here in new england. and today i contemplated a stop into knitwit for my sweater supplies, but the rain kept me from going. i'm ready for the cooler days and dare i say it...shorter days. more movie nights and cozy things! speaking of which, the fantastic mr. fox arrived today from netflix. i'm waiting for o to watch this and i'm itching to watch it. as i've mentioned before our netflix queue is a little sad. can you recommend any good movies or tv series we should add to our list as we head into the movie watching season?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the beach...

hobbes and i went to the beach with kari and little c after work the other day. kari snapped some incredible shots of hobbes...more coming soon. we go to the beach (sometimes twice a day) and he loves it there. he finds mussel shells, driftwood, and other salty/sandy things. we've lived by the beach for a few years now, but having hobbes has made it a part of our everyday...which i really love.

and the beach is about to become even more of our everyday, as our family of three is in the process of buying a house on a little island not far from where we live now. it's exciting (and right now just a tad overwhelming) to think for a garden, space to really run around, and a space just a short walk from the sea.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Gluten Free Apple Cider Donuts

i'd love a cider donut from a farm on the north shore than christina and i went to years (and years) ago. i think about those suckers so often. a cup of bedtime yogi tea (with some wise words on the tag) and a donut...yup that'll do! ok...and a blanket, a couch, and a few quiet hours if i'm really asking for it!

Monday, October 4, 2010

only a handful of trips to the hardware store...

{this photo gives me an instant panic attack}

on sunday, o's family came down to help us with some home projects. we started about nineteen at the same time! o, his dad, and his bro helped with a new door for our garage...

evan dug out and reroofed the back of our garage (and our mudroom)...

i scraped paint in the bathroom, spackled the crap out of the place, sanded, vacuumed, and wiped it all down in preparation for a new paint job (including the floors)...

and dyan took the two dogs on a 4+ hour adventure around portland to get them out of the mix. she had a blast with her granddogs.

oh and one more thing. on saturday night the pipe to our kitchen sink just fell off, so we fixed that, too!
it wasn't a restful weekend, but it was a productive weekend. and i have such respect for handy people.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Falling Leaves

it's october. it feels like i blinked and we are entering the tenth month. i'm hoping to settle into fall, like leaves that float from the trees and make a pretty pile. however, right now it feels like i am barely keeping up with each day. ah but here we are at a much loved weekend.

o and i have plans...starting with some home projects. nothing major...well, sort of for us novices! and forget spring cleaning...we're fall cleaning. as we sort our things and tidy our (my!) messes i can imagine i will find folders that contain items i want to read every word of, items that i know i've kept for too long, and inspiration in my craft room. mostly i hope that i take with me into this fall only the things that are serving me...but i paid too much for that shirt...that makes me look pregnant. gone! i love those shoes...and they smell nasty. gone! goodwill drop-off trip here we come.

as the trees start to get little lighter, i hope to do the same. wish us luck...hobbes may have other plans for the weekend! happy october.
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