Thursday, September 30, 2010

little letters...

dear last day of of september, are you already here?

dear jill,
when on your bike and making a turn signal why do you say out loud "i'm going left" or "i'm turning"'s weird.

dear hobbes,
your little mohawk is adorable...and the noises you make when you wake up are too much.

dear dr. flaherty,
nice work on the fingernail/nailbed reconstruction. slowly but surely things are growing.

dear bag balm,
you have a terrible name, but you are a wonderful product.

dear portland pie dough,
you make pizza night so delish.

dear ice cubes,
you are the cheapest dog treat...and little hobnob loves chewing on you.

dear o,
thanks for encouraging me to use google reader. as you know...i'm a late adapter!

dear maine magazine,
you are so pretty. you make living in maine look...well...just how it is.

dear farmers' market,
i can't believe i forgot about you yesterday. saturday i'll be there!

enjoy your thursday blog readers (by the way if you read and aren't already a follower...let me know who you are)!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


when i look at this picture i think about...a craft day, old paint clothes, the art studio at mount holyoke with christina, in fifth grade when we used to cover our hands with glue...let it dry...and then pick it off, caitlin's artistic talent, wanting to make a trip to artist & craftsman supply, worn in aprons, the creative potential in a pair of hands, and how sweet life is!

leave a comment and tell me...what do you think about when you look at this picture?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

being home...

my time at home this weekend included walking along the beach, out on the pier, and to the cutting garden...
in the picture above, i love that you can barely see my parents' dog amidst the plants. as we wandered around and through the garden we saw teensy little gourds...
signs of fall...
bursts of color...
and after we walked along the water with a basket and our hands full of onions, squash, peppers, carrots, and apples. last night we ate squash soup with friends made the from veggies.
it all made my desire for a garden even greater...and it made me think of the garden at mcmenamin's with the door...
in time. in time.

Monday, September 27, 2010

a sunday on mackworth...

on sunday morning hobbes and i went to mackworth island. as we pulled up to the gatehouse our favorite gatekeeper popped his head out and told us to find a parking spot, but not before he whipped a little dog bone from his seat and into our literally landed right infront of hobbes mouth. the tide was low, so we walked from the lot all the way to the pier along the water. we stopped to explore often, did some clicker training, were fascinated by the acorns falling from the trees, and loved the breeze as we rounded the eastern side of the island. we even climbed on a huge piece of driftwood. we had the best time!that was just the very beginning of our fantastic sunday. i did lots of cooking and my little sous chef was, as the title suggests, directly under me. he sat, slept, and nibbled on pieces of apple as i prepped, chopped, and cooked. more on our wonderful weekend tomorrow...

Friday, September 24, 2010

a dozen...

a dozen things i'm looking forward to this long weekend...
  • puppy socialization class
  • eating the pesto i made yesterday
  • time to be with hobbes
  • a trip to architectural salvage for some brainstorming
  • catching up on my to do list
  • an extra day off (i'm calling it mountain day)
  • watching the new 30 rock
  • working on some writing
  • a visit to see my family (my dad gets to meet hobbes)
  • curling up with a book...and then a movie
  • hunting for some new rocks along the workshop beach
  • o's return
if this were a baker's dozen i'd add going grocery shopping (i love it!)!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


while in philly i hit up spool, a beautiful fabric store, on south street. if you're in the area you should make a stop at this adorable shop. i was inspired by the mobile that caitlin made from this pattern, so i bought some fabric for birds and two quilts. the girls at spool were encouraging me to finish the fronts of the quilts before my next visit to philly...but that seems unlikely. i guess we'll see!

i'm not sure who the quilts will be for, but that is the fun of the project. who knows...maybe they won't even be quilts. possibilities! i love the mix of colors and patterns...and that the strips are precut. i bought the jelly rolls because with hobbes in the picture i can't imagine finding the time and space to spread out a big piece of fabric and not have him try to eat it all as i try to cut. oh little hobnob!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

happy fall...

Copper Beech Leaf Circle

i am excited for fall for so many reasons. i can't wait to see hobbes' reaction as the leaves start falling from the trees...he simply loves leaves. i am excited for crock pot meals and morning cups of tea. i have so many craft projects i want to dive into...i just bought fabric for a quilt and i am eyeing yarn from quince and co. because i am going to attempt this sweater this fall/winter. i'm excited to go through our closets and pass along the items we no longer use. i'm looking forward to being a little more home based. ooh apples and cheddar cheese...and apple crisp. fleece on cool mornings. hikes and leaf peeping. warm blankets. and the hopes of running through a corn maze!

goodbye summer, you were so good. welcome fall.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

as summer winds down...

i am suddenly craving citrus of all kinds, which is exciting! hot lemon tea, fresh squeezed juice, and grapefruits (oh grapefruits)...and lemonade from flatbread as we head towards family dinner season. o's mom brought us some grapefruit juice and orange juice that i've enjoyed after two beautiful (and a teensy bit cool) mornings at the beach with hobbes. i used to not understand juice glasses...they seemed so small, but suddenly they make so much sense. something to keep my eye out for.

ooh and it's time for me to get my halls vitamin c drops...but not before one last day of summer.
photo credit

Monday, September 20, 2010

details of a weekend...

this past weekend on nantucket was sweet and filled with lots of little details...small thing, colors, places, sounds, and people. such as...i think about the tent pennants whipping in the ocean breeze and the sound of the metal clips on the flagpole as nick and alex exchanged vows.

congrats to the wouldn't be nantucket if the napkins weren't monogramed. am i right?
i loved the sight of our two drink set on a ledge with a wildly impressive, yet simple view while we scooted away from the cocktail hour to visit...

our little man, who slept soundly and then played wildly...and then dozed again nearby. he captured many hearts and many zzzzz's on the island...

i loved the little seafoam 'stache that hobbes got from nosing around the water's edge...
i smile thinking about how happy hobbes and mike were running along the nearly desolate surfside beach...
oh and the weathered shingles that were everywhere...

small things, but memorable things, which i will carry me for a long time.

today's post is written (with blurry eyes) for my brother, who's dog passed away this weekend at just two and a half. thinking of you e, as you remember the sweet details and oh so many memorable things about carl that you will carry with you for a long long time. love to you.

Friday, September 17, 2010

en route to ack...

ahoy! here's a photo of hobbes en route to nantucket.

as we celebrate nick and alex's wedding, hang out with friends in our sweet cottage, and as hobbes learns the true definition of preppy...we wish you a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


this is a picture of my friends from last weekend on chebeague. so today i wear stripes...for them!

and also for them my one random fact: when i was little i used to tape the section of the miss universe pageant where they each introduced themselves and said where they lived...and then i'd rewatch it and pretend i was from those places.

what is your one random fact?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

on the square...

last night kate and i walked through rittenhouse square on our way to dinner. seeing the mix of people, the hundreds of benches, the sculptures, and green space reaffirmed how much i love love love this public space. oooh...on a menu of a place we found online one of the desserts was a pint of vanilla ice cream, two plastic spoons, and rittenhouse square. doesn't that just sound so simple and wonderful? i'd love to share this with o...with hobbes at our feet.

photo credit

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

meet isla...

i came down to philly on sunday to be with caitlin, blair, and isla. we hung out, made delicious food, and passed the bambina around. say hello to the little lady in her new hat along with her sweet mama...
i loved walking to isla's daycare along the river on monday morning. we found a cool roll of stickers on the sidewalk and as we stopped to pick them up i had to get a shot of the crew with work bags, school bags, diaper bags, and isla!
did i mention isla smiled continuously? she's one happy baby! i am in love!

Monday, September 13, 2010

oh hobnob...

i'm in philly now, but i am thinking about my time with little hobbes on saturday. it was just a sweet sweet day. we got up at 5:30. too early. so i grabbed a pillow and he grabbed his bed and we cuddled and slept in the middle of the living room until 8. first stop...the farmers' market. hobbes loved watching me diced up everything to put in our first crock pot soup of the season.

then we went to puppy socialization class. i kept getting all teary. i was proud of my little hobbes. after we said goodbye to jani, who had been visit for a few days, we got hobbes a bath and then a nap in the sun.

i got some chores done and he awoke just as the crock pot was starting to smell so yummy. we decided to walk to standard baking for a baguette...but we stopped to sniff nearly everything along the way and it was closed when we finally got there.

when oakley got home from being away for just 2 days he couldn't believe how different hobbes looked. i can't imagine how much he's changing while i'm in philly.

friends came over to help us eat the big pot of soup. hobbes played as long as he could before he conked out...on his bed, on his bed with his head hanging off, half on the bed, next to the bed, and with legs in the air. always changing and readjusting. he's a sweet sweet boy that i already miss.

can't wait to see my guys (both of 'em) on thursday!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

paper anniversary...

happy one year anniversary, stewart family!

Friday, September 10, 2010

she's adorable...

meet miss amelia grace. she's so cute, chubby, and soft!
last night we got to go see christina, andrew, and amelia at the hospital. they'd had a long day, but managed to answer our many questions, laugh about the silly stuff, and let us meet their new lady. of course i realize how incredible a little baby is, but when i had the thought: christina grew this little girl!...i was struck by what an absolutely miraculous thing it is to become a mother and to create a life.

since the day i learned what christina and andrew were having i knew what i was going to give them. remember these...
well...little amelia is the proud owner of the pair on the bottom and she'll have toasty toes this fall. thanks aunt helen and welcome little ms. wnek.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

love is love...

on this thursday i'm sending love in many jani, to friends in the dc area, to little hobbes, to o, to our families, and to christina and andrew and their new little one. love is matter what you add to it, subtract from it, or divide it by.

take a look...

welcome to the world little lady. we already love you mucho mucho!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the elegant first lady...

remember a while back when i posted about seattle and told you i had a surprise to share?'s finally time. however it requires a little back story. back when we were living in boston, o found a barber chair for sale on craigslist and scooped it up. yeah...the kind you pump up with your foot. at the time o lived with kris. when o moved out he left the chair. o says he loaned kris the chair. kris says o abandoned the chair. yet, when kris moved to the west coast we ended up with the barber chair again.

fast forward to our trip to seattle. while we were there we stayed at kris' apartment as he was out of the country for the summer. while we were at the fremont sunday market we were looking for the perfect thank you present for kris' hospitality.

and then we saw it...the elegant first lady (for real that is what it was called)...
we threw it in the back of em's car, named it nancy reagan (because kris lives near republican street and ronnie was o's favorite president when he was a kid), and left it at kris' apartment, which was in need of some extra seating. he arrived home yesterday to find it.

the wonderful news is that kris loves nancy and she works. just look...

welcome home buddy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day...

it's strange to say, but o and i are both sure that this was the greatest weekend of hobbes life. he has only had nine weekend, but he was so happy! we were so happy, too! he had his first visit to new harbor, ran off leash, met his dog cousin, met both of our families, learned some new tricks, had his first dog sitter, slept through the whole night (four times), started to love his crate, and found the eastern prom full of dandelions. after his full days it looked like this...
he also found out that o's ears are ticklish...
and he was like sailor's wife watching the dock until o safely came home from a boat ride...
and the whole weekend looked like an eric hopkins painting! here is real life...
here is one of his paintings...
it was a great weekend for all of us! i hope you enjoyed the long weekend.

Friday, September 3, 2010


{our first family photo}
dear hobbes,
you are a love. please stop eating dirt.

dear jane fonda,
you'd be so proud of me. yesterday while playing in the yard with the pup i did some 80s style leg lifts and exercises. he looked intrigued.

dear labor day weekend,
i'm glad you're here. and for the record, i don't think of you as the end of summer. here's to wearing white, more warm days, and summer lovin'.

dear earl,
settle down, ya hear?

dear katie and trevor,
i love that if i quote anything from arrested development you know the next line...tea for dong!

dear o,
is this all really happening? and are you really a morning person now?

dear ginger molasses cookies from standard baking company,
you are always good. always.

dear west african dance class,
you are crazy, sweaty, rhythmic fun...and you make me want to jump around!

dear honey bunches of oats,
sometimes you are a perfectly suitable dinner.

dear christina and andrew's baby,
it's almost time. safe travels and we'll see you soon! p.s. wait until you see your nursery!

dear bethie,
what's it like to be a seattleite?

dear dancing shoes,
get ready...i'm taking you out on sunday night.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

task for today...

over the weekend i was given six beautiful postcards and i've been itching to write some notes and pop them in the mail. oh but life has been busy since the weekend and i haven't found the time between making sure hobbes isn't eating our couch and watching his little body as he sleeps. today i'm committing to making time to get six cards in the mail.

while i love the instant gratification of email, i miss opening the mailbox to find good old fashioned mail. i love making cards and i love to write...and i love thinking about how my one little envelope travels through the us postal system and arrives at it's destination. the fact that i just had to ask o how much a stamp cost means i haven't been writing enough letters. it's 44 cents for the record...which i was about 72% sure of. will be worth $2.64 to know that six loved ones get to open their mailboxes to find a handwritten note in the coming days.

here's wishing you a day free of junk mail!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the list of names...

{resting after some time at the beach last night}

we had the longest list of possible names for the little dog. for weeks we added, deleted, resuggested, and then...just decided to wait. o was the one who first suggested hobbes. i think it was the first time we even started shouting out names. i liked it, but i wasn't sold. we put it on the list...and never took it off.

when dana and saya were here a few weeks ago we shared a bunch of names with them. later we were getting ready to play bananagrams. before the game started dana reached in and grabbed a bunch of letter and proclaimed that with the letters he was going to name the dog. within seconds this is what he came up with...
can you believe it (almost spelled right)? o almost fainted.

oh those heart shaped rocks...and those ears! what are you loving on this the first day of september?

a special thanks to nikki for suggesting the tiny kong...i heart hobbes and hobbes heart kong!
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