Tuesday, August 31, 2010

there is something about...

a little good humor for wednesday

yesterday i worked from home. i was at my computer on our back patio and hobbes was crashed out just a few feet away. suddenly he heard the music of the ice cream truck, sat straight up, jumped around the yard a little, and after the music drove on...he passed out almost immediately. there is just something about being little and that song.

after work we took hobbes to the beach and the eastern prom. he met a few dogs, dipped his paws in the atlantic ocean, relaxed on the hill, had a clicker training session with o, and after a yummy meal back at home he fell fast asleep...on the floor next to his bed. there is just something about the maine summer air and playing by the beach as the shadows start to get long.

ohhh and there is certainly something about august. love. love. love.

Monday, August 30, 2010

& hobbes...

thanks to all our friends who popped by for visits, brought scratches and little gifts, sent emails and texts, and confirmed what we already know...this little guy is adorable and well loved. he seems happy living here. and we are so happy to have him. his first night was really good. minimal crying, with trips outside every few hours. on sunday we gave him lots of time for naps and also time for exploration. last night was harder...lots more whining, however half as many trips out. he seems comforted by our presence...always right on our heels. oh but we have so much to learn about one another. yesterday as we were all laying on the lawn, o turned to me and whispered, "i don't think he knows his name." so we'll start there.

p.s. he played for a whole 12 minutes this morning and is now crashed out in the backyard.

Saturday, August 28, 2010



once we met him, we knew what to name him. we picked up little hobbes today and he did such an incredible job on the ride home. he's been playing, napping, and nibbling a little. he met some of our friends. he's already in love with o and we are in love with him. we're hoping his first night away from his littermates is restful and not too stressful.

as i write now, he's asleep near my feet. oh cuteness. oh hobbes.

Friday, August 27, 2010

(almost) dog owners...

i spent yesterday after work cleaning up the garden and the backyard....getting it ready for the dog. i also went to a west african dance class, but more on that some other time. anyways, we get to pick the pup up at 11:00 on saturday morning! he keeps showing up in my dreams at night. we can only read so many books and talk so much about how we'll train him. we just need to get him home and see what he's like. i'm really excited and a little nervous...afraid we'll have a gob bluth "i've made a terrible mistake" moment. but our intentions are good...to love this little bundle, teach him things, show him around portland, and take him on adventures. ooh and i forgot...dress him up in something silly on halloween!

can't wait for you to meet him!

very happy birthday wishes to my big bro!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the sauce...

i made some homemade sauce this past weekend...chock full o' tomatoes, veggies in season, and fresh herbs. when o came downstairs and walked into the kitchen he said, "it a smells a like an italian grand a mother in here" in his best italian accent. at which point we both said, "when a you get a married so i can die?"...my friend's little italian nonna actually said this to her once.

the sauce is a little on the thin side, which is okay...and which was really wonderful last night when i poured a little over a bowl of diced cucumbers and little mozzarella pearls. mmmmm.

i just got up to take a peek at the sauce i put in the freezer...i get excited! i'm already imagining the cold winter night when i walk into standard baking for a baguette and straight on home for a pasta dinner. oh but there are a few more eighty degree days before then...

*happy birthday wishes today to miss kristen*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the agape-mobile...

someone i knew in college once had a motivational speaker come to her high school in minnesota. he was a bigger guy, who was sweating, and rapping (yeah...you heard me) about love or agape (ah-gah-pei). at the end of his rap titled "agape is the word" he threw his arms up in the air and screamed "agape!!!"...and had huge sweat stains in his armpits. she shared this story with us and so...in college, and still today, we used the word agape to refer to sweaty armpits. as in, "i have agape."

anyways...at christina and andrew's wedding (happy five year anniversary kids), i walked down the aisle as a bridesmaid, then christina walked down. as we all stood at the alter the priest welcomed everyone and then he said, "today we are here to talk about love, love between two people, love for family and friends, one love, universal love...agape." true story. my jaw dropped open and then came the big stupid grin. i saw christina start to turn her head towards me and then she whipped it back. we both knew that if we made eye contact it wouldn't have been good.

this was all a long story to tell you that at the farmers' market last weekend i saw the car above with the license plate that read...agape. it made me smile.

i encourage you to use this word when you don't have the driest of armpits. the word fits what is going on. for real. hap hap happy wednesday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

making things...

we went to planet dog over the weekend to get a leash and a few other goodies. we saw a really cool leash made out of climbing rope...but it cost $30. o inspected it, took some notes, and we were off to make our own. we went to ems for the rope, maine hardware for the hook and clips and voila...for under $6 in materials o crafted a leash. we got this thin cord as an accent color to hide the metal clip which was keeping the rope together...
here is o about to hammer the ropes together...
it has a nice loop for your hand, so you can take this guy for a walk...
yeah...this little old man...
we just got those pictures last night with an email that commented on what a wonderful dog our little one is becoming. oh...and she called him a love bug. i got happy teary when i read that. happy tuesday!

Monday, August 23, 2010

whistling dixie...

o and i are trying to learn how to whistle before our pup arrives. the photo above is really o's response when he saw my finger without a bandage for the first time since the accident, but i thought it looked like him whistling. anyways...we aren't trying to learn how to whistle a tune...we are looking for a nice sharp whistle that doesn't require sticking fingers in our mouths. won't it be great? we'll finally have a family whistle.

i usually can get a little something going my first two tries, but then i just end up getting lightheaded or start laughing. i'm optimistic, as there is still time. however, any hints are appreciated!

i have lots to share with you on the blog in the coming days. there have been picnics, friends, games, crafts, cooking, and more. so stay tuned!

Friday, August 20, 2010

the old #2 pencil...

it's like going back in time to elementary school to see pencils with teeth marks, ground down nice and short, and with various stages of an eraser. oh but isn't the work of carpenter and artist dalton ghetti just incredible? it makes sense that i love these...a collection of similar things.
being in northampton and with jani and tobi today brings me back to a different time, too. as i work my way back to maine later today (hopefully in minimal traffic), the stretch along 495 always gives me lots of time to sing along with the radio and time to think...to think back, to think ahead, and to think about pencils, places, and people.

enjoy your weekend and all the places your thoughts take you!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

little letters...

dear puppy,
you'll have a name by the time we get you home...we promise.

dear compost bin,
you are pretty full right now and pretty soon there will be more to add...so do your thing girl!

dear fingernail,
where are you? for real?

dear netflix queue,
we realize you only contain two movies right now...which should be illegal. we're working on things...

dear ingrid michaelson,
we're so excited to see you in concert again at the ll bean summer concert series.

dear jani and tobi,
i'm so excited for our reunion today. can you believe it's been a year since we were all together?

dear growing gift card collection,
i'm about to take you on a shopping spreeeeeeee.

dear jeopardy,
we haven't watched you in months, but once it starts getting dark at 4:30 we'll be back.

dear summer,
we are doing are best to soak up every last drop of you. high five!

dear o,
you remind me of a squirrel...a domesticated, preppy squirrel.

dear you tube,
i know i've watched my fill of airedale terrier puppy videos, but i just can't help it. only a few more days.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

being silly...

over the weekend we spent a day in new harbor with o's extended family. before everyone arrived, o and i were tasked with setting up the brand new badminton net...which came with the most ridiculous instructions. we rewarded ourselves with some time on the dock with kili. speaking of which...have you ever seen a dog do a slow-motion belly flop? this weekend was my first time and i wish we had it on video. it was really too much.

when the kiddos finally arrived, the real fun began. i got a tour of all of the silly bands seen above...i was brought back to my jelly bracelet days. check them out (do you see the blue terrier towards the top?)...
oh and i forgot how much i miss just playing...playing pretend, getting lost in it, and the silliness of it all. little emerson, donnie, and i must have played injured tiger veterinary hospital for at least an hour. it was a sweet weekend and a silly weekend...just the way i like it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

in just 11 days...

as i sit at the kitchen table this morning, i'm surrounded by a bunch of clutter...nail polish, an ipod cord, paint for an upcoming project, sunglasses, mail, waterbottles, and more. our house is a little messy right now...not terrible or gross, just in need of a little love. it's all me and my stuff...i'm the messy one. however in just eleven days, i'll need to keep it neat and tidy...or else someone (seen above) might be tempted to take a lick or even a chew.


Monday, August 16, 2010

tri for a cure...

yesterday i ran as part of a relay team in the maine cancer foundation's tri for a cure. the weather was perfect for the over 950 participants and thousands of spectators and being on the smcc campus was beautiful! it was incredible to see the cancer survivors participating in the tri...incredibly inspiring. i loved seeing the ages of the participants written on the back of their calves...it's interesting to see all the various ways that 37, 42, 54, and 63 can look.

our team was: meg (who is five months pregnant and swam), leslie (who had a baby just seven months ago and biked), and me (who ran the last leg). check us out...
all in all the participants and sponsors raised $900,000 for the maine cancer foundation. a special thanks to my aunt helen and my dear friends jay and emily for helping meet my fundraising goal. i was so lucky to be a part of such an exciting day!

in other exciting news...it's raining today, so i get to use my brand new umbrella. check it out...
i've wanted one of these since the day i first saw tobi with hers! it's this exciting new treat that is helping me get out of bed today...it's one of those days that would be perfect to sleep in and be cozy...all. day. long.

Friday, August 13, 2010

good morning, tomato...

i saw the tomatoes going crazy last week and i knew it was time...time for my tomato feast. at the wednesday market i bought a bunch of different cherry tomatoes and some husk cherries...
each morning for breakfast (a little strange, i know) i've picked a good sampling, washed them up, and started chopping...
hello pretty...
my bagel with cream cheese never tasted so good. i haven't picked a favorite kind yet. they're all very yummy...and i still have so many to eat. a good snack for the weekend ahead.

we're having a dinner that i already know will be delicious this evening, then heading up the coast to see o's family (some who are visiting from afar), and on sunday then i'm part of a relay team for the tri for a cure. hopefully tomatoes not only taste good, but make you run fast, too!

have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

always on my mind...

early yesterday morning at the farmers market i bought a small pint of blackberries. the farmer told me that the person doing the catering for the willie nelson concert had just been by the stand and also purchased some blackberries to top off a cheesecake for willie. i smiled as walked through the market with my little pint and big bag of tomatoes.

little did i know that twelve hours later o and i would get free tickets to see willie at the merrill auditorium. so incredible! we had fifteenth row seats and man...willie rocks. hearing him sing always on my mind made me cry a combination of happy tears and tears of amazement. his new hairdo (sans braids), many bandanas, harmonica player, guitar skills, and beautiful beautiful voice...in all of it we experienced a true legend. i never imagined i would get to see him in concert...and i am so glad that i did. it was memorable...something i will hold with me for a long time.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

guest post...

hello blog followers! i am so honored to be today's guest blogger on nina's wonderful blog. nina is away at kripalu getting her 200 hour yoga certification. in her absence she asked me to write a post about why i started practicing yoga. i loved sitting down to work on this and i am so grateful to kari herer for snapping a few photos to go along with the post.

the post goes up at 11:00am (east coast time), so please go over and take a peek!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

roy g. biv

what a great idea! can you imagine getting in your car, turning it on, and then this happening? instant smile! this would be hard to do in our car right now, as the wipers are stuck in the up position...well not stuck, just that is where they stop when you turn them off. so since i can't do this...maybe you can?! grab some paint. squeeze a little bit out like so...
hit the wipers...and voila! i love surprises (but not when they scare me) and i love the beautiful (and silly) unexpected. this genius idea falls right into that category. and i just thought of another thing that i'd put in as well...o and i both ride our bikes to work each day. if he leaves before me, he'll often pull my bike out of the garage. it is a simple and small thing, but it is nice to walk out to and an unexpected and sweet little surprise.

have a wonderful tuesday!

Monday, August 9, 2010

one word...

with friends in town this weekend we explored all around portland...some new places and some old favorites. the four of us ate our way through the city...and it was so good. from salmon with salad and haricot vert which we got at the farmers' market to blueberry muffins and yogurt with strawberries and granola from the front room. how can i forget...clam chowder from j's ...ooooh and the homemade blueberry pancakes after the beach to beacon? we completed the race and took every chance to replace any calories we burned and then some.

this weekend was filled with so many thing portland...and also filled with incredibly delicious flavors, sun, breeze, friends, some great dog names, perfect race weather, a few more freckles, mini golf, cool sleeping air, and sore muscles that let me know how hard i worked.

bliss...it perfectly describes the weekend. thanks d + s! we owe you an nyc visit.

Friday, August 6, 2010

sea glass...

new england sea glass

i wonder just how many hours my mom and i have collectively hunted for sea glass? i love that something so beautiful comes from something so sharp and shattered. that simply bumping along with the tide...against water, rocks, and sand...can smooth out the roughest of edges.

sea glass may be the only good thing that comes from littering, don't you agree?

i love the shades of blue in the fifth row from the top. i just want to hold each piece in my hand, deep in my palm. the little robin's egg colored piece on the far left reminds me of my dear friend christina and of a color one might find in an old rustic cottage.

the other day i told o that i think i want to live on an island. he worries i'll turn into a hermit. he may be a little bit right...but i'd come out to hunt for sea glass and rocks, to work in my garden, and to ride my bike!

happy weekend to each of you reading on this fine friday. we're getting a visit from the bliss', running the beach to beacon, eating the key lime pie i made last night, and reading some books on how to train dogs. what about you...what are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

yes please...

Retro / vintage / fan / wood / photography / Retro furniture / interior / design
there aren't many words...it's just hot and humid here. i'm just back from my last run before saturday's beach to beacon 10k and i fear i may never stop sweating long enough to get in the shower and make it to work.

i'm already planning my trip to whole foods after work for a newman's own 1/2 iced tea 1/2 lemonade...and then i'm going to park it in front of a fan and just try to stay cool. you do the same today.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a souvenir...

i searched the beach below deception pass on whidbey island in washington for the perfect souvenir to bring home to remember our trip. of course i couldn't settle on just one...so i picked two perfect and small rocks to carry home to maine. now they live on the ledge above our kitchen counter with a bunch of other rocks i've slipped into my pocket on adventures.

i like how they don't look like maine rocks...
and i like thinking about my next rocky beach adventure. i know you are supposed to leave no trace and leave what you find, but i simply find so much happiness in placing these rocks around our house...on ledges, in bowls, in the garden, on our table, as bookends, and as paperweights. it is hard to resist. they are simply that beautiful. mother nature...can you forgive me?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


last night i went to water the garden that a few people from work built this spring, planted and have been caring for in the east end. it's incredible! i took home a small onion, some swiss chard, a handful of tomatoes, some basil and a zucchini and made a yummy veggie pasta dish. being part of this garden has made me want to get a space in the east end community garden next year. i'm imagining a long waiting list. until that comes through, i'll keep helping with this garden and hitting up the farmers' market.

i may have overbought cucumbers at the farmers' market last week. we were making pickles for christina's shower and had so many left over that we made gazpacho, cucumber sandwiches, and i made my own batch of pickles, too.

i got the jars ready...
filled the jars with cukes, herbs, garlic, peppercorns...
after making the liquid mixture, i filled the jars, and partially covered the jars...
i had my first taste last night. i don't even like pickles all that much, but these were pretty good. i'm glad i overbought in the cucumber department.

i'm hitting the market early tomorrow morning to get our fresh blueberries to freeze for winter. i'm planning to get a few flats, as last year we wished we'd had more.

chance are...i'll overbuy and likely have a blue tongue.

Monday, August 2, 2010

guess who we met this weekend...

on saturday we drove to kingfield where we met this little guy. he was born the same day i slammed my finger in the door, just four weeks ago. he doesn't have a name yet, he just has a little tiny blue collar. we have a list going of potential names going, so please please send me suggestions!
if everything goes as planned, this little airedale will join our family at the end of august!!!! i've had the empty dog bed since my birthday...so we are really excited.
he is so little and so light...and so incredibly sweet. he's the runt of the litter, but he certainly won't be a wee one for long. don't you just love his little tan eyebrows?
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