Friday, April 30, 2010

and just like that...

amsterdam linocut

we're headed to amsterdam (and brussels for a few days, too). a dream come true! i depart on saturday. i have alot to do and pack and remember before then, but i'm beyond excited to wake up on sunday in the land of tulips, windmills, bikes, clogs, stroopwafel, and canals.

i'm thrilled to see our study centers, talk to students, meet staff, and get to see the student experience (housing, a group dinner, volunteer projects, biking about in the city, excursions, and more).

i'll share my dutch (and belgian) adventure with you when i return. i have some posts lined up for when i'm gone. enjoy!

p.s. bret and jemaine from flight of the conchords have a sold-out performance while we're in amsterdam. i hope i just see them on the street.

image credit mark andrew webber

Thursday, April 29, 2010


these photos make me want to have a home craft make presents and wrap them up in brown paper tied with one of these ribbons.
these photos make me want to use up all my ribbon so i can buy a few of these spools.
these photos remind me of tobi and the place where we first met.
these photos make me so happy...and they are so simple.
these photos just made my day. if you had these spools what would you do or make? mrs. kristen i imagine at the sight of these you might make a fear of crafts stomachache. is this true?

well my little ribbon spools, as you wind your way through today i hope it's a good one!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i love this piece of artwork by eva wylie...i think i love it most because it makes me think of playing with the parachute in gym class when i was little. this photo reminds me the moment before everyone lifted their arms up as they tightly gripped their edge of the parachute, before running under it and pausing as the nylon ever so slowly melted on top of us. oh what a sweet sweet memory.

in kindergarden, one of my friends lost a fingernail and promptly fainted while playing i can imagine this wasn't her favorite gym activity. what did you love playing when you were a kiddo?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it's time...

i think it's time i got a new pair of havaianas...i got my last pair while in australia. wait...jill, you haven't been in australia since 2001?! yeah...i know. it's time. tan toes, skirts, nail polish, and beach days here i come!

Monday, April 26, 2010

'tis (just about) the season...

...for lilacs. i am so deeply in love with the's hard to explain. this weekend we planted a lilac bush in our backyard. i'm glad to know that this year i won't have to sneak onto other people's property to smell (or snip) a branch. it also makes me so happy to know that the smell of lilacs will fill our backyard for years to come.

in addition to the lilac bush, we did a lot of other yardwork this weekend. i just love digging in the dirt, ripping up weeds (and miles and miles of morning glory roots), and beautifying. take a peek at where things currently stand outside (keeping in mind that while it's been nice in maine, snow may still be a possibility)...
'tis never the season at our house for cats and sadly in our neighborhood, gardening also means cat-proofing. we've tried the motion sensor light, spraying water at any cats that wander into our backyard, and asking the universe to make them stop. nothing has worked thus far and i'm reaching my limit. hence the stakes protecting bulbs i've planted and a dishrag soaked in vinegar...
and a trip to maine hardware for a bunch of chicken wire...
here's hoping all of this weekend's efforts will help our backyard become even more of a .04 acre oasis than it already is!

Friday, April 23, 2010

look at her toes...

i came across these photos of alex holmes who was the director of the yoga training i did in philly a few years ago. i am in complete awe. my favorite things about both photos are her peaceful face and her toes spread wide. i am so guilty of clenching and scrunching my forehead and toes when deep in a pose or intensely focusing on something. i just find the photos beautiful and incredibly inspiring.
i am so grateful to alex for everything i learned...the big things like sequencing and the small (but really important) directives that suddenly change everything in a pose. every single time my toes touch the mat, whether in a class or on my own, i tap into that which i learned that hot july in the philly.

i've never felt all that comfortable saying namaste. i'm fine saying it at the end of class after someone else says it, but i've never been able to say it without feeling...i don't know...kind of cheesy. however, i love the various translations/meanings of namaste. the divine in me recognizes the divine in you. i bow to you.

i just love the action of bringing hands to heart center and in the most respectful and gracious of ways, with one word, letting someone know that you are grateful for how truly divine and wonderful they are.

so alex...namaste!

happy friday all.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

loving on this fine thursday...

the photo above of little c taken by kari herer, that our bleeding heart plant is growing so fast, small yoga classes, the first bbq of the summer, that april and may are filled with so many birthdays, clothing swap at work today, that i cried when christina called last night to tell me they are going to have a little baby girl, this blog post on bookshelves, having to more clearly define values, a lunch chat with tobi today...and abby tomorrow, a new hairdo, receiving so many emails (i need to respond, i will i promise), buster bluth, small surprises for people, sunny days, lunches outside, my laptop, new favorite blogs, a quick week, hearing from the gang in man-o-war yesterday on google chat, thoughts of another long distance run, blues, whites and grays everywhere i look as i'm typing, and days when i don't wake up in the middle of an intense dream.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

prayer flags...part two

i decided to do some crafting this past weekend, inspired by soule mama...cloth, sewing, and fabric paint.
i made a prayer flags/banners. one for little ezra and one fore little isla. i couldn't be more thrilled with how they came out. here is isla's...
and here is ezra's...

i forgot how oh so good it feels to finish a sewing project. i'm excited to do more...and see photos of the little ones with their flags! xoxo!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

prayer flags...part one

a few weeks ago trevor's sister, waverly, just back from a 50 day trek in nepal gave us an incredible slideshow of her journey. she is this gentle yet strong person and someone that you meet and feel you've know for years. her stories, her photos, and her words allowed us all to feel like we were at 17,000 was amazing and we didn't have to be cold and hungry everyday like she was! we heard about everything from yak cheese and dal bhat to snickers bars and the german bakery, but my favorite thing was the prayer flags along the way. seen here tattered and colorful and printed with prayers and mantras...
and at everest base camp...
just the other day we received a little set in the mail, which hung up...
as the wind rustles the flags, those in our home and those hung throughout the highest mountain range in the world, the prayers and mantras are spread outward. i hope they find their way to each of you...especially you waverly. thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

first three photos courtesy of waverly

Monday, April 19, 2010

a dream...come true!

Ikea wooden train set

last week i had a dream about the family i used to babysit for in high school and college. the dream made me want to get in touch with them, but they had since moved away and i didn't have any of their contact information. two days later i got this email from the mom of the family whom i haven't seen or spoken with in at least six years...

is this the same jill that used to babysit for the x family?
if so, i'd love to catch up.

crazy...right? what are the odds? i was shocked and so excited. we've started some emails back and forth and it's incredible to hear about the family and the kids who aren't little kiddos anymore. oh growing up...all of us!

Friday, April 16, 2010


yesterday i came home from work and got started. yanked some fresh chives from the garden, threw potatoes in the oven, and then whipped together a big salad...
added decorations on the table...
friends arrived and then this happened*...
i had arranged a surprise party for o...and he had no idea, which is amazing! he fell for all my little stories and the white lies friends told him to throw him off track. once he got over the shock he told me that he's always pretended he didn't want a surprise party...but deep down he really did! it was so fun. i love that in the photo above you can see my hands clenched and just the very edge of a huge smile behind him!

o has had blueberry cake for ever birthday he's ever had. so, when i asked what he wanted for his birthday he told me he wanted em and stew's wedding cake...which was the best blueberry lemon cake ever. so i did my best with christina's help (seen here all wrapped up)....
all our sweet friends made his day so special with their silly cards, adorable babies, beer deliveries, and just by simply being here. thank you all!

the celebration continues for o this weekend, who is montreal bound. i'm having a home weekend and so excited. i'm planning to do some yoga, a craft project, take some photos, go running...and eat the leftover chicken from last night for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until it's gone (gross).

ooh and i have a great small world reunion story for you on monday. enjoy the weekend.

*my brother might freakout when he sees the green pitcher on top of the hutch...that's mr. pitcher and friend from our childhood. brother...don't worry...i understand they are "yours" but they came to live with me for a little while! xo.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

birthday boy...

it's someone's birthday today! thirty years young. i love that he wore polo shirts...even at that age! his ears are the same. when i look at this photo i can see that it's him, but i just can't believe it's him. i can't believe we were all once that small yet chubby, with hair that soft and nostrils that little. i love that he has curls in the back...and if i cover them he looks like an entirely different kiddo.

as the clock strikes thirty, i wish my love exciting changes, happiness, laughing fits, and lots (and lots) of love. xoxox.

p.s. did everybody do their taxes?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

inspiration + quilt envy...

these quilts and images from denyse schmidt are just so so so pretty to me! i love the colors, how they just work, and the varying widths in the squares. check it out in various colors...

i like this one, too. except i can't even imagine putting these on a bed. these quilts are artwork, which i'd have to hang on the wall. in addition, i'm more of a comforter girl. you? ooh but imagine a denyse schmidt duvet...i'd never ever get out of bed. ever.
pretty. pretty. pretty. and what a cool rack.
i'd love to sit in the corner of denyse's studio and watch her pin up colors and patterns, watch her change her mind, and see her process...

i'd dig my hands into the scrap bins, because look how awesome this is...
i have a (possibly rainy) weekend to myself and a craft room that is calling my name. is it friday yet?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

live to share...

i think the tag on the yogi tea bags is the new fortune cookie. i loved this one, so i kept it. i like the tiny reminder of what i already know. this mini alter in shades of gray...a collection of things that inspire a small corner of my office at home.

there are things i share home with o, my life on this blog, my feelings, and myself with my community. there are things that are shared with, comments, love, stories, and memories.

on a recent stroll down the beach at the workshop, i gathered rocks and pebbles that begged me to rescue love their colors, stripes, simplicity, and complete uniqueness. and so, i share with you one particularly beautiful rock from that day...
thanks for reading along as i live and heart is full, as are my coat pockets!

Monday, April 12, 2010


we spent sunday afternoon out in our backyard. we cleaned the garage, raked, hooked up the hose, and got out the terra cotta pots. we're ready for summer. i'm getting really excited to start planting. only a few things are in the ground, the rest are in our back entry way, which we're using as a greenhouse.
oh but we're still showing signs of winter...that is all that remains of our half cord of wood. we had a fire on saturday because i was cold, but o had the front door open because it was so hot in our house. coming home from work and starting a fires is something i will miss. i just hope we have one or two more days or nights that are cool enough for one last hurrah. now that it is so light out after work, i'm excited for new post-work rituals...running, bbqs, flip flops, and time in the garden.

what will you miss most about winter? and what are you excited about this spring?

Friday, April 9, 2010

one random fact...

you know the game...where everyone writes down one random fact about themself, throws it in a bowl, everyone picks one out and has to guess who wrote it? don't? maybe because we invented the game last year on chebeague. you should play...the bigger the group the better.

anyways...yesterday the girls and i played a version of the game via email. i started and wrote, "my brother and i used to play tag team wrestling as kids...even though there were only two of us!" i think my bro actually thought he was macho man randy savage (seen above).

turns out i wasn't the only one. others wrote back with random facts about their wrestling adventures (tales of jumps, stitches, halloween outfits). it was hilarious to read.

so blog followers...please leave me a comment with one of your random facts? do tell...and it doesn't have to be wrestling related.

have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


One thousand paper cranes. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Japan

the arrival of little isla yesterday afternoon, snow tires gone, having a cell phone charger that i keep at work, that it hit 80 degrees yesterday, a clean room, my first blog comment from someone i've never met, watching episodes of arrested development before bed, biking to work, that the watkins glass bottle has a new home, skirts without tights in my future, that our tickets to amsterdam are in hand, that when o cleaned out my side door in the car the other day he said it was just ginger chew and quaker chewy wrappers, ziploc screw top containers, a lunchtime walk with special friends, our kitchen, garden planning, a fore street dinner in our future, when i referenced some advice that jani had given me a few years ago and she said "forget i said that...that was terrible advice", abby's birth story, freckles, cranberry juice, a night on the third floor, finishing up design projects, when i can cram a few extra little things on a press sheet, a full bag of goodwill donations, birthday season in our house, peppermint tea (i've said it before and i'm sure i'll say it again), a home weekend, and moments of real clarity.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


on saturday o and i grabbed my camera and a package of peeps and took off for a photo shoot. i love the yellow against the clear blue sky and the freezing cold water.

o captured this one...peep vs. eagle...
i like this line up and how they each seem to have a personality...
before em and stew arrived we hung a few over their bed...
usually stew wakes up in the middle of the night and has to eat something (crackers or a granola bar), but this allowed him to just reach up, grab a bite, and head back to sleep.

o and i had a peep fight, set one out to sea, and found out that my parents' dog likes peeps. who knew?
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