Wednesday, March 31, 2010

on the inside

as promised, here are some inside images from boulder.

aside from jani's meditation bells, i'm reminded of her bookshelf...
waiting for her to finish something at work and playing therapy in her office...
her little sneakers...
and while this one was taken while outside it is really the fact that it is inside that makes it so cool. check out the little mini greenhouse window that is above her kitchen sink. i'd love that in our house...
and speaking of greenhouses, i'm so excited to start gardening and digging around in the dirt in our backyard! what do you love most about summer?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hippy/gladiator sandal making...

oh just another friday night, you know...hanging out, making sandals. so random! when i got elliott's email asking if i wanted to go sandal-making with he and rohre that night, i had to say yes...i figured this opportunity may not come around again for a while.

with scrap leather, almost 20 people made their own sandals and learned how to lace these puppies up. i didn't take many action shots, but here is the end product (mine are the teal and brown ones in the middle)...

interested in making your own? click here for instructions. many thanks to madlyn for leading the group!

first photo courtesy of rawgnar

Monday, March 29, 2010

craft time with christina...

on saturday christina and i went old bottle hunting at the flea market at fort andross in brunswick for a craft project we were tackling.

before she picked me up i also did a much needed fridge clean out for any jars that would be good for our project...hello old salsa and jar of pickles that o and i both think he carried in the move from boston. are you scratching your head and simultaneously feeling the urge to puke because he moved nearly three years ago? me too! let's just be glad they are gone now.

without letting ourselves get too distracted at the flea market we hunted for cool old bottles. however, it was hard not to get a little distracted...i mean check out this lady's salt and pepper shaker collection...

once home we soaked and cleaned the bottles, coated the inside with alcohol, waited for them to dry (which took a surprisingly long time), and then put some glass enamel inside...
and swirled/shook them like crazy...

the last part was more tiring and brain jostling than we expected. christina is pregnant and i can only image what her little one thought/felt.

oh but so worth it. look at the finished products...

we have to wait 21 days for the enamel to harden and then we'll be able to do this...

last photo courtesy of martha stewart, many of the others taken by christina, and some by me!

Friday, March 26, 2010

outside in boulder...

i loved spending so much time outside when i was in boulder. i took a bunch of photos that i'd love to share with you. stay tuned for some inside pictures, too.

i arrived at night and this is what i saw when i woke up...

we got outside for a bunch of hikes and walks...

we drove into the mountains, where i promptly had an anxiety attack, which was induced by the smell of burning brakes coming from jani's car. but the view was worth it...

we saw a bunch of animals. jani is afraid a deer. i blame it on her growing up in miami. although this crew does look a little mangy...

i wanted to send this rocking pig to jackie...

jedd, i received the old tin foil swan at another hippy establishment...

i loved that all the fire hydrants in town were a minty green color.

and i loved that we made it back from our hike before the snow arrived. oh and i'm happy that my flash went off and made the snowflakes look magical in this photo!
thanks for a wonderful visit jani and stay classy, boulder!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


i made it home last night after a long day of travel. i thank anyone who sent wishes for smooth travel my way...i can't imagine what the landing into newark would have been like without your kind thoughts helping me out! again...ginger chews save the day.

anyways...i've loaded all my pictures onto my computer, but i want to dedicate some real time to do a boulder recap on the blog...probably tomorrow! so for now i give you bananagrams, seen above. have you heard of this game? have you played? it's genius and fun for both kiddos and adults. jani and i played last night and we were hooked. it's as if the games scrabble and boggle had a baby. i'm going to buy myself a little banana pouch full of letters really soon. you should scoop it up, too...and then invite me over to play!

well hello short work's thursday already!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

in transit...


yesterday it snowed in boulder, which was beautiful...but also got me a little worried about today's travel. i'm hoping that my flight from denver happens this morning and that is a smooth and quick ride to newark. i don't really like the in between time/being in transit, but i'm trying to be better at it. o loves flying, so i'm trying to channel a little bit of that on this fine wednesday morning.

i'm sad to be leaving jani. what will keep me going today is thinking about my wonderful vacation, touching down in portland, cooking dinner together with o, and sharing my photos and stories with him.

it will take me nearly the entire day to get home...ooh but i love that feeling of coming home.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

oh no...or maybe it's oh yes!

is this going to be the year that i want to move everywhere i visit? first philly, now boulder, and i can only imagine amsterdam, the other portland and seattle. i'm loving my time here with jani. i'm simultaneously demanding that she move to maine after grad school and also never move from mixed messages here!

oh boulder...i love the weather, the young spirit of the town, the great shops, the access to the trails, how active everyone is, the air, friendly people, looking at all the great houses, and being with jani!

Monday, March 22, 2010


yellow curry, falling asleep to the sound of sports on tv on a sunday afternoon, sesame honey sticks, the sound of the bells at the cathedral on my walk to work (which means i'm just a minute or two late), how fancy new pens have a little plastic tip on the point, remembering what spring feels like, seeing the first plants coming through the soil, trader joe's nuts about raspberries and chocolate trail mix, buying the perfect amount of wood for the winter, the this american life iphone app, two new babies about to arrive (in tucson and philly), a relatively easy winter weather-wise (did i just jinx us?), finishing a round of writing revisions, the bottle of flintstone's on my desk at work, how much better my spring/summer wardrobe is, that it is light at 7pm, an egg hunt in the near future, digging my hands into the dirt, that we did the census, how o keeps insisting how much easier everything around the house will be once he has the hatchet he wants for his birthday, running outside again, the pantone swatchbook, hearing dinner club member #9 learn to say mama, and april motivation/inspiration on the horizon!

Friday, March 19, 2010


2 Flatirons from the Chautauqua

tomorrow (!!!!!) i leave for a trip to boulder to see jani! i'msoexcitedican'tstandit! we'll have three days together. i'm imagining lots of talking, walking/hiking, eating, laughing, reading aloud (as jani has been my book's first listener), and making jani show me all of her social worker skills. i have my suitcase out, but my bags aren't entirely packed yet...i like it when o sits with me while i pack.

i'm trying to channel smooth travels (fingers crossed) and i can't wait to share my colorado adventure with you when i get back. i'll have some posts between now and then for you! if you have any boulder recommendations for my, please send them my way.

enjoy the weekend and i hope it's springy and warm wherever you are in the world.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

bueno y sano...

Fresh green vegetable, isolated over white

best salad i've had in a while....both good and healthy:

spring mix
baby roma tomatoes
fresh mozzarella
honey sesame sticks
basil vinaigrette

i'm so excited to start growing a bunch of the ingredients in our garden this summer!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

who do you think you are?

Irish Doors
a special happy st. patrick's day wish to all of my blog followers (especially the irish ones)! as a fifty percent irish (and the other half a mix of polish, russian, and lebanese) is cause to celebrate my irish history and heritage!

my mom and i went on a two week trip to ireland just before i started college. while we were there we did some genealogy. we knew about the lynch from inch (on my maternal grandmother's side of the family), so we went to a church in inch and looked through old birth records. it was fun and i can see how people get very into tracing their family lineage and solving the puzzles and questions that arise.

i recently watched the show who do you think you are?, which researches the family trees of various celebrities. i watched the episode where sarah jessica parker learns about her ancestors and found it truly fascinating (you can watch it anytime on hulu). with the help of serious historians it is incredible what kinds of documents, records and archives can be accessed...and what kinds of otherwise unknown family histories can be revealed. it makes me want to do some deeper research into my family tree.

when mom and i were in ireland, i remember loving all the georgian doors (seen above). i wondered who lived behind these doors...who called it home. i often think about this in our current house in portland. it's a tiny little place that was built in 1874. who else has lived their life in what we consider our home?

which reminds me...i used to babysit for a family when i lived in brookline who lived in a house built just before 1900. on the inside of a random closet door in their home was a measuring wall where everyone who had lived in that home had been measured. small pencil marks, initials, names and dates covered the door. it went back generations and generations and it was beyond amazing. i would love to stumble upon something that held that much history at architectural salvage or elmer's barn. and then i realize...we all hold more than that much history just by simply being a living branch on our family tree.

ooh...last thing. on the ride home from boston this past weekend o and i listened to npr's this american life and the episode called "the house on loon lake" has touches of all i've been writing about...mystery, family, memory, history, and what remains.

my lads and lasses...a serious post on a day that usually conjures up thoughts of green beer, shamrocks, and hooligans in south boston. love and luck on this fine wednesday!

photo credit ruben bos

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

it's true...

i'm not sure if i am coming down with a cold or what, but i'd rather be in bed...sleeping in, warm and cozy, and resting up. i'd wake up, put on some comfy clothes, start a fire, make a big nest of pillows and comforters on the floor in front of the stove, make an egg and cheese on a bagel, and then curl up to watch some of my favorite movies with a cup of tea in hand.

we don't have bowling tonight, so my plan is to rush home and nestle in. down?

zzz...if anyone finds me asleep at my desk today, will you wake me up?

what about you? what would you rather be doing today?

this print can be purchased on ashleyg's etsy page

Monday, March 15, 2010

oh boston...

the weather forecast was accurate. it was a wet weekend in boston, but a wonderful weekend, too. we got up early on saturday*, we brunched, we got to see em and stew, we bowled, we celebrated annie and jeremy, we danced, and we hit up trader joe's (hopefully coming to maine soon, fingers crossed) on the way home.

as promised, fox saved me a bunch of dances. the band, nightshift, was the truly the best wedding band i've ever heard. from earth wind and fire and the jackson 5, to lady gaga and a fantastic rendition of hava nagila this band took an incredible reception and threw it over the top. on some serious air guitar, during a particularly epic rendition of journey's don't stop believin', fox managed to almost kick a pregnant lady and break my wrist in a matter or seconds, but everyone is fine. we're working on a routine, which i expect to be ready for unveiling at the thompson-rice wedding this fall!

*we successfully registered for the beach to beacon road race after nearly a half hour of continuously refreshing the registration page. and the bliss family is coming up to run, too! summertime here we come!

Friday, March 12, 2010


these rain boots go well with a long black dress for a wedding, right? this weekend's forecast looks to be a little rainy where we'll be celebrating...

windy with showers you say? i'm imagining that in addition to o i'll bring really crazy hair to the wedding. nothing a little dancing can't take care of. i have the feeling this fancy pants wedding will require fox to bring his more subtle/tamed down dance moves. save me a dance buddy (and i'll lead)!

i have a tiny sore throat right now. i'm drinking some celestial seasonings sleepytime throat tamer tea and listening to stevie wonder. i think it's helping. plus, dad is in the area today and we are meeting for a quick coffee/tea and pastry this morning. oh...and i'm taking a half day off of work. i'm hoping by the time my weekend starts i'll be 100%.

any fun plans for you this weekend? do tell!

oh random thought for the few people who care/understand my cat aversion...i saw a woman riding her bike along the eastern prom trail yesterday with a cat on her back. it wasn't in a bag or anything...just hanging onto her back and looking over her shoulder. why? seriously...why?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

this makes me smile...

i had to take this picture at the bowling alley. doesn't the bowling ball look so worried...scared shitless almost. it's either that or the expression that someone who doesn't have a clue what you are talking about might make.

our team has been doing well at the lanes. we're inconsistent, but we have a good time. we've also had some impressive scores up in the 180s a few times (go court and o!). i heart my teammates. they make my tuesdays more fun...and high five filled.

it's one dirty place with all the shoe sharing, lane oil, and communal bowling balls. everyone on our team except me has their own ball and i guess that makes me the only dirty one! jedd was putting on his shoes after bowling the other night and i got this shot.

he won't even touch the floor...a smart man indeed!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

inspiration boards...

in my office/room for crafting, i have some inspiration boards that i've made. i love looking at them. i also love to see the similarities and connections between, nature, books, color...even the way i choose to lay them out. i tear out images from magazines and catalogs, starting chopping them up, arrange them until my heart's content, and then glue everything down. they look small on the blog, but they are almost two feet by three feet.
before any magazine go in the recycling bin i do a quick scan, so i always have a little pile of inspirational pages going. thankfully we end up with some pretty wonderful publications (maine magazine, yoga journal, threads, kripalu catalog, martha stewart, and outside) at our house even though we only subscribe to two magazines. can you imagine if i was trying to make inspiration boards out of the economist and newsweek?

when i start ripping pages i am not really thinking about the end result. rather i pull images, colors, patterns, and ideas that i love, find beautiful, and think yes when i see.

what would be on your inspiration board?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

have i mentioned i love...

this photo from the herer family walk around peaks island, stationary stores in european countries, being sore after a really good yoga practice, how o waves at other saab owners while driving like a jeep owner (nerd!), documentaries, how gmail doesn't let you forget to attach a file if you mention "i've attached..." in the body of your message (creepy, but helpful), that i tried vegan and gluten-free mac and cheese last night and it wasn't awful, the beautiful bottle of homemade basil vinaigrette from tracy, a 60 degree day, receiving exciting top secret news from afar, having a ticket in hand to visit jani in boulder, a free car repair because it was under warranty, a visit from o's mom, greendrinks and bowling in the same night, a snow-free backyard, and lunchtime editing!

have a great day.

photo credit kari herer

Monday, March 8, 2010

weekend recap...

best. skiing. ever. we had such a wonderful weekend at sugarloaf. great snow...and lots of it. while there were no black diamonds for me, i did really well on the blues. i tried some new trails, conquered some old scaries, and managed a whole day without going on tote road.

we got to meet this little lady. she is so cute it hurts to look at...
we ate yummy anadama sandwiches, played catch phrase, sat in the sun, looked for great barns on the way home, and got to shovel alot of snow off the deck at the condo...

when we got home we walked along the eastern prom trail and found our way to flatbread for family dinner. happy happy! did i mention i love weekends?

Friday, March 5, 2010

in the works...

I amsterdam

it has been confirmed. a trip to the amsterdam (and brussels, too) is in my future. my dreams of running through tulip fields may in fact come true. the trip will be sometime between mid-april and mid-june. not certain at this time. eeeeeeeeeeee! it makes me want to squeal and if emily were here i'd tap dance, too.

happy weekend, all! any fun plans? do tell...

photo credit lindy hop

Thursday, March 4, 2010

late night date night...

about a week ago o sent me an outlook meeting requests for a special wednesday date, in the location line it said "top secret"...hmmmm. he mentioned i could still go to yoga, but that i would have to miss jeopardy. i accepted.

last night i found myself at sonny's restaurant, joined by o and three other lovely ladies. after dinner and a delicious drink (muddled strawberries, mint, sparkling wine, and st. germain elderflower...yum), we made our way to port city music hall to see ingrid michaelson. it was just wonderful. she has a wildly amazing voice and she's hilarious. o turned to me midway through the show and said, "jani would love this show" was true! it was midnight before we got home and i'm pretty sure o left with a mini-crush on her!

oh but how can you not fall in love with this incredible voice? take a listen below...
o, two thumbs up on a great date night!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

plans for june and beyond...

after looking and looking for the perfect way to celebrate my upcoming 30th birthday...i found it! in june (a little after my actual birthday), i head to the northeast kingdom of vermont for a three day yoga retreat in this restored barn. the retreat is lead by my favorite yoga teacher here in portland. i'm so excited! the barn, part of sky meadow retreat, is on 120 acres of land overlooking the green mountains.

i dream of living in a refurbished barn out in the country. someday when i have it i'll be sure to add a bunch of windows that let the light pour in. other things i'd love include: a big garden (one for food and one for flowers), walking/running trails nearby, a compost pile, a wind turbine and solar panels, animals (no jumping pigs...maybe an alpaca or two and some chickens), a space to do yoga, a bright craft room, a rustic feel, a deep kitchen sink, a root cellar, a fireplace, super comfy worn in couches, an entire wall full of books (with one of those rolling ladders), a space to write, a bucket with slippers at the door for friends, lots of photos on the walls, a place for a saddle just like at the house on cider hill road, cubbies, a rock sculpture outside, lots of dad's cedar trellises, a field with a single tree in the middle, a loft, a old truck or a beat up volvo station wagon, friends who live close, a well-loved teapot, and a tree for a treehouse.

if you find any leads or know anyone selling a barn with great potential...let me know.

p.s. today is my 200th blog post...thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

heart and soul...

Playing the piano..

guess what the universe brought my way? a beautiful piano keyboard...for free! it's another chance to learn to read music, since flute from fifth to eighth grade didn't go so well.

we picked it up last night and then played all that we know on our living room floor, which included heart and soul, the first five notes of beverly hills cop, louie louie, the first ten notes of fur elise, and chopsticks. i'm so excited to learn more! thankfully it has a place to plug in i can explore all the crazy beats this piece of machine has to offer without driving o crazy.

it reminds me of sitting at the piano in my grandparents' sitting room when i was really little and banging away on the keys. i loved the picture of them on their wedding day that sat on the ledge and i loved sitting in there for hours. i imagine it drove those who had to listen a little crazy...and they wished the old piano had a headphone jack!

so with that...any requests?

Monday, March 1, 2010

what would you do-oo-oo?

i've been missing jani terribly. last night i went to the grocery store and it was only when i got home that i realized that i'd unintentionally reverted back to how we grocery shopped when we lived in brookline. i bought a bunch of things i haven't bought in years...ham*, klondike bars, and annie's! i realize this makes me sound like a terrible eater...but please believe me when i tell you i also bought things like kale. leafy greens that are high in calcium and beta carotene, i promise.

anyways, i went on flickr to find a photo of grocery carts for the blog post and the first one i clicked on is the one above. jani's nickname for me is schnucks...oh small world! sending lots of love to boulder this monday morning.

happy march!

*i've decided that having ham and sliced cheese and buying a fresh demi baguette at standard baking company in the morning on my way to work = happy lunchtime!

photo taken by sujomi
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