Monday, February 1, 2010

the kissing spot...

i drove down and back to boston on saturday (more on that*). as i approached the 10 miles marker on the maine highway, i got my iphone ready. above is the photo i snapped while going 70 and keeping my eyes and car on the road. it's the kissing spot! it's a minty green building that houses department of transportation/maine turnpike plows, sand, and salt.

for as long as i can remember whenever my family was driving on the highway my parents would always kiss when they passed this place. i called my parents last night and clarified the history. in the 70's they picked up a guy who had gone off the road in a bad storm and needed a ride to this place, which, at the time, was more of a service center. ahh life pre-cellphone.

anyways, a tradition was born and now whenever o and i pass it we kiss too. feel free to make it your tradition, too. spread the love!

happy february (and happy birthday jersey)!

*i've searched high and low for my camera cord with no luck, so i am buying a new camera cord today. i have so many good pictures to post!

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