Friday, February 26, 2010

looking up...

after having a different (and super rainy) week, things are looking up...even though the forecast includes three straight days of rain/snow. i love rainy's true! this weekend brings dinner club, yoga class, working on writing and some hangout time with o.

speaking of looking up...this photo is of the tin ceilings in our kitchen. i just love the detailing.

ok dears, enjoy the weekend. any special plans?

Thursday, February 25, 2010


i love this picture from last weekend at the beach. it makes me think of wonderful pairings, infinite potential, continuation & that there is always more...more to say, more to do, more to imagine & more to explore.

some things joined by an & that are in my mind right & dad, mac & cheese, inhale & exhale, hugs & kisses, vanilla & ginger, oh...bread & butter (always!).

happy thursday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a grapefruit addict!

two weeks ago i bought a big bag of grapefruits on sale for two something at the store. i got home and realized that even though i love peeling grapefruit, it's an involved process and not something i would be inspired to do every day. hmmm. so...o and i made a special walk to le roux that weekend for a grapefruit knife. a big hug for the person who invented this. it's genius and so cheap. i'm pretty sure i've eaten a grapefruit every day since then. i bought an even bigger bag of these babies this past week. i pack one along with my little bent knife each day in my lunch bag. i feel like i'm carrying a concealed weapon. oh, but it is used purely for good. tart, pink, citrusy goodness!
the top of our compost (which is frozen solid or else we'd turn it) is covered with these beautiful circles, which adds some nice color to our otherwise currently drab backyard.

did you know that grapefruit's latin name is citrus paradisi? citrus paradise is right! don't mind if i do!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tri for a cure (two post day)

hello friends! this august i will participate in the tri for a cure, an all-women's triathalon that supports the maine cancer foundation. i am part of a two woman relay team and together we will raise $500 for research and patient support in maine for all cancers. in addition to trying for a cure for cancer, i will try for my fastest clocked pace (current record is from 2006...yikes).

mom, dad, and ian: you'll be glad to know that i will not be involved in the swimming portion if the triathalon! dry bangs!

if you are able to make a donation, please click here. thanks! xo, j

new to me...

the photo above just looks like folded laundry, right? wrong! these two piles are clothes that i inherited from my dear friend christina, who is on a major quest to get organized and donate clothes that she isn't wearing. lucky me! she had a huge pile and let me dive in. there were so many great pants and cozy shirts. i asked her if i could pay her for the items. she refused. then...i found a $20 in the pocket of one of the pairs of pants i was trying on. i gave it to her and she made it seem like i was paying her...crazy lady!

thanks christina. i love my new threads...alot. as a girl who doesn't love going to the mall, this was my most successful and most economical shopping experience in a long time.

christina inspired me to go through my clothes and get serious about the items that i have been hanging on to (and not wearing) for a while. i'm going to take my three bags of goods to the local consignment shop and donate the rest...unless of course anyone wants to come over and dig through. let me know!

Monday, February 22, 2010


on saturday the temperature reached 55. i drove to kettle cove and walked crescent beach. the beach was dotted with walkers, dogs, and kids digging in the sand. i brought my camera along and captured some water patterns in the sand...

i liked these two stones and love the rays coming off to the right...
i felt like a creeper (right mrs. kristen?) taking a picture of these two people relaxing on a log, which reminded me of something o's parents would do...
being at the beach and being overdressed in a fleece in february was incredible. this weeks weather forecast is questionable, so i'll post some more beach photos on tuesday or wednesday to keep the spirit alive!

Friday, February 19, 2010

at home...

i've found myself on my mat five time this week...a mix of morning, midday, and evening yoga. the solo mornings are a chance to get a candle, pick a word of the day, put on some music, and wake my stiff muscles and joints. one morning i pulled light as my word of the day. lighting the candle which throws a beautiful orange glow, natural light gently filling the room, and lightness as i stepped feet to hands. something has shifted ever subtly and my mat has a greater pull than it ever did before. it feels so familiar and obvious and grounding...and nice.

this week of yoga has helped balance a tedious week at work and is a wonderful lead-in to the weekend (which despite the eight hours of work before me i'm proclaiming begins now). o is away at school this weekend, so i have the house all to myself. i went grocery shopping last night and got lots of nourishing foods. i'm having a just me home! i plan dive into my new book, nestle in on the third floor, use the woodstove, work on some writing, sleep in, take photos, go for walks by the ocean, do yoga, watch a movie, and maybe (just maybe) get a massage!

i just re-read the last two paragraphs and i feel like i might cry...out of happiness and gratitude (and excitement).

hoping that you feel at home wherever you are and whatever you do this weekend.

**happy birthday daddy-o. i love you mucho mucho!**

Thursday, February 18, 2010

the loaf...

this past weekend we (me, o, em, stew, my brother, his lovely lady, and their dog) went skiing at sugarloaf. i had a wonderful time, even though there were a few moments of panic at some steep places on the trails. i'm trying to keep pushing myself...even though i could be content swishing along on the old green circle slopes forever. there are so many things i love about skiing. i love the groomed lines.

i love the lines and pattern our skis make when, at the end of a run, i ski up to o for a hello and a hug.

i love this view at least the end of the day from the deck by the inn. somehow we always score the couches by the fireplace.

it was good fun with great people...and there were mint milanos, too!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the valentine's day bandit...

as we drove into town on sunday, valentine's day, it was hearts taped on every single door and business that we passed. big heart flags on the museum and the library. the valentine's bandit has been doing this in portland since 1976...but no one knows who it is! just one of the many reasons i love this little city.

as we approached our house, i think i actually squealed...
the bandit even found their way down our teeny tiny little street. we still have the heart on our door. it makes me smile. so secret bandit...if you are out there...thank you for slapping some love on our house. xo!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


You - yes you!

you are not here by mistake
around the world and down
through the ages
there has never been
another you,
and there will never be
another you.
the miracle of your
existence is now
in your hands.
you are here for
a purpose.
you have something that
only you can give
to the world.

take time to consider what that is.

Friday, February 12, 2010

well i never...

yesterday after work, o and i got in the car to drive to his belated work holiday dinner. we zipped up to freeport before the dinner for the patagonia sale, where it was 40% off storewide. i wasn't looking for anything, o had his eye on a jacket. i went upstairs and there were clothes everywhere, people with huge piles of their recent finds, and it was overwhelming. as someone who doesn't really enjoy shopping, i was ready to go.

at the very top of the stairs i saw a rack with pants made out of a really pretty material...pants i could wear to work! i dug a little deeper and found a grey and a brown pair and bolted for the dressing room. it was there that i realized the pants were marked $9--this was before the sale. before I put the pants on, I made myself promise that even though these were a steal i would only buy them if they fit perfectly.

guess who has two new pair of beautiful work pants (that don't even need to be tailored) and only spent $11.34? me! and while i've gotten deals before, i've never found one this great...ever!

ah but today is casual friday, so there will be no big reveal at's jeans for me. friday's are the best, especially as we head into a long weekend. we'll be out of range, so i'll see you back here on tuesday. have a great few days!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

bienvenue en charles de gaulle...and more!

last week i got the best outlook meeting invitation. it was for a meeting titled "charles de gaulle lunch". i immediately said yes...i knew what this meant. baguettes + ham + cheese + butter + lunchtime + my regular work travel companions + playing airport.

here were are enjoying life avec our favorite travel meal on the office of our second floor...

i dream about this sandwich all the time. merci to mrs. kate for making my dreams come true and to mrs. kristen for the parental stories and comedic offerings (always).

speaking of travel, i realized i never posted the picture of me and RG in the photo booth in philly. here it is...
lastly, sending birthday wishes to a very special reader in kentucky. xo!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

come fly with me...

today i have travel on my mind, more on that tomorrow, so when i look at the tulips that o's mom bought us on our kitchen table i can't help but think about their journey and travels. i know they aren't local...brrrr. maybe it's my fascination with the netherlands, but i imagine they were born in a place like this...

tulip fields

can you imagine?! to fly over this. to be in this. to wake up in this. it's just too much! i would love to run in and around the acres and acres of color...with bite-sized stroopwafel in hand and a camera slung around my back. oh stripes of, love, love.

if you were on a plane right now and looked out the window, what would you want to see?

have a lovely wednesday. i have silly plans at noon, yoga after work, and dinner at jedd's after that...i'm telling you wednesdays are just love, love, love!

photo credit: tulip fields

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

heartwarming and footwarming...

i got home from work on friday to a package in the mail. hooray! the handwriting gave it away, as i received a hand addressed letter every single week in college from this special person. my aunt it again.

look at these beautiful socks that she made. a pair for me, a pair for a small friend, and a pair for an even smaller friend. they are so soft and just perfect!

when o's mom and dad saw the littlest pair of socks, his dad rattled off a fertility statistic and o's mom suggested adopting a little one to fill the perfect little socks. uh-oh!

in her kind and generous note, my aunt referenced my post about cuteness, but i do believe these socks take the cake in that department!

i am in awe of my aunt's many (many) talents and grateful to be the recipient of her handiwork.

i am in
i tell ya!

Monday, February 8, 2010


these socks (oooh and wait until you see the socks that arrived in the mail on friday...more on those tomorrow), getting the very last drop of shampoo out of the bottle, dipping bread in warm soup, getting a package in the mail from jani, magazine inspiration, when hank azaria says, "are you for scuba ruben?" in along came polly (it's been in my mind for days), kids with crazy hair, turkey bacon (thanks jedd), how emily found $20 on her walk to the bus the other day and gave it to a homeless person, how my last roommate, anna, showed up in my dream the other night, the play count in itunes, blistex silk & shine, finding a boarding pass from a flight with christina to the great barrier reef from 2001 tucked in a book, that andrew is home after 5 weeks away, watching anthony bourdain in istanbul, being a lefty, that when i try to describe where we live on our street if i just say that it's where frank used to live that so many people suddenly know where i mean, that dinner club is now ten people, a visit from t & d, and wednesday night/saturday morning yoga.

*i tried the neti doesn't make it onto the list of favorite things today, but i am going to keep trying.

Friday, February 5, 2010


ornate keys


wine corks...

A sample of our cork collection

license plates...


letterpress letters...


matchbox cars...

Hot Wheels

fisher price little people...
Vintage Fisher Price Little People

it reminds me that to decorate parts of our house wouldn't take much money, rather we could display the things that we have or had when we were young...things that are us, things that look great when arranged together, things that have a history!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

this photo feels like home...

as i sit here writing this morning, i have a warm cup of tea. i'm watching the gusts of wind whip the fresh dusting of snow around our backyard...and remembering that in mere moments i have to bundle up and walk to work. i can't wait to be in front of the fire with comfy warm clothes this evening. i wish i'd gotten a crock pot meal going, so when we opened the door this evening it would pull us in and warm us up. wait a minute! and so begins a challenge...getting a chicken soup started in the crock pot and getting to work by 9. it's on!

anybody else having a cozy home day in their mind?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hide and seek...

i've been wanting to post these pictures since just after the new year, but they were stuck on my camera. so...just after new years o and jay went skiing. em and i decided to hang in portland and had a great weekend. on sunday afternoon we got a call from the boys when they were about 10 minutes from our house and that em should start gathering her things. yeah right! we decided to hide, so when they got home from a weekend away they'd have to find us. adults...indeed!

em was going to hide where we keep our recycling bin, but it wasn't quite right.

instead she hid in the closet... can barely see her.

i hid under the bench on our second floor.

the boys came in, turned on the football game, ate some pizza and decided we must be on the third floor packing em's bags. after about 10 minutes and emily calling out from her spot (which they still thought was coming from the third floor) o finally went to the third floor and realized we weren't up there. the hunt was on.

i was found first by jay. after he found me i went and hid where em was when he wasn't looking. the two of us were in the closet. i was in under a pile of coats and em was behind me. i could feel her laughing and then i started. finally we got ourselves together when we heard jay coming. he opened the closet door, paused and i burst into laughter. game over.

if you haven't played hide and seek in a while, i recommend it. it was so fun!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

like julie and julia...but different

i finally admitted that i may never find my camera cord, so yesterday i bought a new one on our way out to bowling. so...i promise to share more of my real photos and less of my iphone photos (even though those are fun, too).

on saturday we celebrated jersey's 30th birthday at the cambridge culinary school, where a chef helped the eight of us cook a mexican feast. it was a wonderful mount holyoke reunion and i got to reconnect with some friends i haven't seen in too many years! plus jersey, who was convinced that everyone had forgotten her 30th birthday, got a good semi-surprise. now...some photos!

here are some of the ingredients...
we didn't use this girl, but i loved the color...
old roommates teamed up to make chicken mole...
i picked my cooking buddy based on her name and her shoes. here are jill#1 and i looking very chef-like in our matching dansko clogs...
since i'm not much for detailed recipes and baking, we went for the challenge of making chocolate bittersweet cake with almond cream. we learned the trick of cutting a big block o' chocolate with a serrated knife...
hello pretty patterned leftovers...
we whipped up eggs and sugar...
filled the itty bitty ramekins with our batter...
placed them in a pan, with a dishrag to prevent sliding, and hot water. we popped them in the oven...
and voila...
betsy also made jersey a carrot cake and super cute cupcakes, so desserts were plentiful...

happy birthday jersey and great planning jill#1!
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