Wednesday, January 20, 2010

right now i'm loving...

Love Park Philadelphia

being the only person in the security line at the airport, direct flights, yummy dinners, fluffy snow, being the one tasked with bringing the ginger chews, how o refers to redheads as gingers, when o helps me pack for trips, being in the same city as caitlin (again!), dhyana yoga, getting to see little carter on monday night, walking around philly (without a coat on!), that my reading twilight makes em a little happier, comfy hotel beds, ben franklin, easy travel companions, seeing all the flags along the parkway, the super duper magnifying mirror in the hotel bathroom, that adam gardner from guster was behind me in line on our flight to philly yesterday, climbing the rocky steps, the i heart philly bags with a pretzel instead of a heart, and buster from arrested development.

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