Wednesday, January 27, 2010


the team did what we could last night, but lost to those crazy kids from central maine!

look at how matchy-matchy court is with the shoes and shirt! that's a captain setting a good example!

even with dangerously low blood sugar, o rolled his heart out. he knows better than to eat at the lanes.

so after hitting the lanes, jedd and i (and late addition o) hit the grocery store for some much needed food. we all had empty cupboards...really empty. it was a late night and depressing time to be at hannaford, but anything is better than the time we went on new year's eve. aye aye aye!

it sort of reminds me of how my grandfather used to take his sister-in-law to the grocery store and her appointments. it's nice to have a grocery companion at this age. just think how good we'll be at it when we're in our eighties!

***nerd alert!***
(i don't think jedd even knows this one)
i worked at a small grocery store one summer in high school as the register girl. in walks jedd, only we didn't know each other at the time. i knew who he was, but he didn't know me. he walked up to the counter and put down a pack of sea dog. i carded him...but it was sea dog root beer.

anyways...yummy groceries means good lunches. off to pack 'em up!

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