Friday, January 29, 2010

one of my favorite things...

on wednesday one of my favorite writers and my absolute favorite american, howard zinn, passed away. eighty seven years of a life well very lived. a man who stood up for what was fair even when it wasn't popular or convenient. i will always remember the time i saw him speak on the boston common, the day o and i happened to stumble upon him in speaking (!), and how much i learned from and loved his books.

i've written about him before here and here. he was a hero of mine, indeed! sadly my dream dinner party of six is now just five.

i *heart* a people's history of the united states. however, if you've never read or seen the documentary you can't be neutral on a moving train, i highly recommend that, too. the picture on the back of the book of he and his wife, roz, makes me smile. what an incredible duo!

so now a small note...

hello. if you're reading up there, i thank you for your patriotism, fierce dedication, humble spirit, and moving words.
with deep gratitude and even deeper respect,

sending all my blog readers wishes for a peaceful weekend!

photo by robin wallace

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  1. Its funny, i dont usually get so sad when I hear someone has died, but he definitely had an effect on my life, at a time when I was really exploring who I was and how to make sense of this world. I had always said I wanted to hear him speak, and so sad that I never got to. Thanks for this post. Love you.


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