Thursday, January 7, 2010


A Snow Heart For You :) xoxox
illuminated houses against the sky just after dusk, when i have stamps, success with my paper white bulbs, my new journal (more on that soon), planning our trip to the west coast this summer, when all/most of my clothes are clean, my new jeopardy calendar from jani, when you get just the right spot with a good itch, snowdrifts, a weekend for home projects, when i don't leave my keys in the front door, my willpower in last night's dream, a new reader in kentucky, that my holiday thank you cards are complete, when you read something obvious but you read it and understand it in a new/deeper way, that we made it to january without snow that stuck, seeing changes when practicing yoga, vacation time renewed, a new neighbor at work...who happens to be a neighbor at home too, band-aids, simplicity, exciting times for friends, watching colette learn to wave, crumbled goat cheese, and when the grocery store isn't a zoo!

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