Monday, January 25, 2010


this weekend i was in philly visiting my dear friend caitlin, who is seven months pregnant. as a way to celebrating this exciting time and her growing belly we decided to do some henna. first we practiced with toothpaste...

then we got started with the real deal. caitlin did a beautiful small design on my wrist...

then i did my best on her belly. pepita was moving around, which was so adorable.

in order to protect the paste at night, we taped things off.

as the henna dried we watched some shows, shouted out potential baby names, admired the shelves that we'd arranged that afternoon, and wished that we lived in the same city.

i'm home now, but looking at the swirls and dots on my wrist reminds me of my incredible friend and just how much happiness i feel in her presence. i think about walking arm and arm to the italian market, sharing french toast at sabrina's, sitting down together to eat a meal we worked on for hours, joining creative forces on the shelves, and talking about all she's learned on her midwifery journey.

i'm so lucky to have such a great friend...and even luckier to be in philly twice more this year!

happy monday!

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  1. This post just made me smile from the inside out. Philadelphia just isn't as wonderful without you! oxoxoxo


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