Friday, January 22, 2010


i've been wanting to learn calligraphy for many years. not fancy pants calligraphy, but funky calligraphy. o got me a calligraphy set a few years ago and i just got some other inks and a pen from a friend. these calligraphic images are so inspiring to me. i'm re-inspired to learn!

can you imagine getting something addressed that beautifully in the mail? once i learn, i'll flood the mailboxes of those i love!

this tattoo was designed by betsy dunlap for a dad with the names of his two girls. so beautiful!

there are so many words and phrases i want to see in this incredible writing. the first ones that come to mind are vacationland, philadelphia, and salt & pepper. what about you?

oh...while on the subject of letters and curly tails. i saw this shirt the other day and want to get it for a particularly hairy chested friend (cough uncle jedd)...

have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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