Friday, January 29, 2010

one of my favorite things...

on wednesday one of my favorite writers and my absolute favorite american, howard zinn, passed away. eighty seven years of a life well very lived. a man who stood up for what was fair even when it wasn't popular or convenient. i will always remember the time i saw him speak on the boston common, the day o and i happened to stumble upon him in speaking (!), and how much i learned from and loved his books.

i've written about him before here and here. he was a hero of mine, indeed! sadly my dream dinner party of six is now just five.

i *heart* a people's history of the united states. however, if you've never read or seen the documentary you can't be neutral on a moving train, i highly recommend that, too. the picture on the back of the book of he and his wife, roz, makes me smile. what an incredible duo!

so now a small note...

hello. if you're reading up there, i thank you for your patriotism, fierce dedication, humble spirit, and moving words.
with deep gratitude and even deeper respect,

sending all my blog readers wishes for a peaceful weekend!

photo by robin wallace

Thursday, January 28, 2010

it makes me giddy...

a special someone got me this teal egg holder from anthropologie. i'm in love...thanks egg lady! i can't decide what i want to do with it. it would make me very happy to open the fridge and see our eggs displayed so beautifully each and every day.
with something so sweet, we'd never run out of eggs*...and that's a promise o!

*this also makes me want to participate in portland's semi-new law allowing residents to have six chickens within city limits. however, i'd want the kind that lays those pretty blue eggs that em and i saw at whole foods...i think they are called azuluna eggs.

getting back to the egg holder...when i first saw it i thought it would be a great place to store my earrings and small jewelry, but then i realized i pretty much wear the same earrings every day. and it would probably end up holding change, receipts and other little bits. it's too pretty for that.

so now i am on to my newest idea, but still welcoming others if you have them.

imagine the center of our kitchen table with the egg holder filled with twelve little tiny plants a la...

there is enough space for a little bit of soil and they only need water every once in a blue moon.

but one, gardening guru, is this feasible? any advice appreciated!

terrarium images from tortoise loves donkey, egg holder images courtesy of anthropologie

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


the team did what we could last night, but lost to those crazy kids from central maine!

look at how matchy-matchy court is with the shoes and shirt! that's a captain setting a good example!

even with dangerously low blood sugar, o rolled his heart out. he knows better than to eat at the lanes.

so after hitting the lanes, jedd and i (and late addition o) hit the grocery store for some much needed food. we all had empty cupboards...really empty. it was a late night and depressing time to be at hannaford, but anything is better than the time we went on new year's eve. aye aye aye!

it sort of reminds me of how my grandfather used to take his sister-in-law to the grocery store and her appointments. it's nice to have a grocery companion at this age. just think how good we'll be at it when we're in our eighties!

***nerd alert!***
(i don't think jedd even knows this one)
i worked at a small grocery store one summer in high school as the register girl. in walks jedd, only we didn't know each other at the time. i knew who he was, but he didn't know me. he walked up to the counter and put down a pack of sea dog. i carded him...but it was sea dog root beer.

anyways...yummy groceries means good lunches. off to pack 'em up!

Monday, January 25, 2010

i'm curious...

if you could do one thing to beautify the city/town where you live...what would it be?


this weekend i was in philly visiting my dear friend caitlin, who is seven months pregnant. as a way to celebrating this exciting time and her growing belly we decided to do some henna. first we practiced with toothpaste...

then we got started with the real deal. caitlin did a beautiful small design on my wrist...

then i did my best on her belly. pepita was moving around, which was so adorable.

in order to protect the paste at night, we taped things off.

as the henna dried we watched some shows, shouted out potential baby names, admired the shelves that we'd arranged that afternoon, and wished that we lived in the same city.

i'm home now, but looking at the swirls and dots on my wrist reminds me of my incredible friend and just how much happiness i feel in her presence. i think about walking arm and arm to the italian market, sharing french toast at sabrina's, sitting down together to eat a meal we worked on for hours, joining creative forces on the shelves, and talking about all she's learned on her midwifery journey.

i'm so lucky to have such a great friend...and even luckier to be in philly twice more this year!

happy monday!

Friday, January 22, 2010


i've been wanting to learn calligraphy for many years. not fancy pants calligraphy, but funky calligraphy. o got me a calligraphy set a few years ago and i just got some other inks and a pen from a friend. these calligraphic images are so inspiring to me. i'm re-inspired to learn!

can you imagine getting something addressed that beautifully in the mail? once i learn, i'll flood the mailboxes of those i love!

this tattoo was designed by betsy dunlap for a dad with the names of his two girls. so beautiful!

there are so many words and phrases i want to see in this incredible writing. the first ones that come to mind are vacationland, philadelphia, and salt & pepper. what about you?

oh...while on the subject of letters and curly tails. i saw this shirt the other day and want to get it for a particularly hairy chested friend (cough uncle jedd)...

have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

jay on a stick has a friend...

em turns 30 today. woot-woot! happy birthday big boy! we celebrated her birthday this past weekend with drinks and food at marliave followed by the late show at the improv asylum. before we went out for the night, while em was showering, jay helped me make a few surprise em-on-a-sticks. i think he helped me because he thought i might stop taking pictures with his face on a stick. no such i'll just bring both heads on all my travels. in fact they are both in philly right now and RG and i may or may not have been in a photo booth with the two heads and a sombrero last night. stay tuned for picts...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

right now i'm loving...

Love Park Philadelphia

being the only person in the security line at the airport, direct flights, yummy dinners, fluffy snow, being the one tasked with bringing the ginger chews, how o refers to redheads as gingers, when o helps me pack for trips, being in the same city as caitlin (again!), dhyana yoga, getting to see little carter on monday night, walking around philly (without a coat on!), that my reading twilight makes em a little happier, comfy hotel beds, ben franklin, easy travel companions, seeing all the flags along the parkway, the super duper magnifying mirror in the hotel bathroom, that adam gardner from guster was behind me in line on our flight to philly yesterday, climbing the rocky steps, the i heart philly bags with a pretzel instead of a heart, and buster from arrested development.

photo credit

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ooh la la...

i saw this cuteness this weekend. i want to add some ballet flats or some boots and a navy cardigan. will ogle this week at anthropologie in philly.

and what about this lovely lady seen at j. crew? i love her, but she reminds me too much of a navy dress that i already have...even though all they have in common is the color. little gold flats. just darling!

after we just received over a foot of fresh snow in maine, dreaming of these springy short sleeved dresses helps me to remember that our lives won't be filled with snow forever. to embrace the season, o and i are hoping to build an igloo in the backyard. i'll keep you posted!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Stack of Wood

after letting myself sleep in (so nice) and waking up to a snowy morning in's time to do some chores. i need to clean the ashes out of the woodstove, go out to the shed and get a few cartloads of wood for our back entryway, and shovel. somehow these kind of chores don't bother me at all. i really like doing them. for me it is other chores (folding laundry, washing dishes, and keeping my room clean) that are hard...but i'm trying.

i'm going to soak up today and all it brings my way before i leave tomorrow on a work trip.

happy monday all!

Friday, January 15, 2010

it doesn't get more me than this...

if you've been to my house you know how much i love rocks...especially rocks with lines. i have them on sills, in bowls, framed, rock art...they are everywhere. found on my various travels, but mainly from the workshop beach. there is absolutely nothing better than being on that beach as the waves wash in and rolling over each other in a sound that is hard to describe but impossible to forget.

the rocks above are felted wool made by kneek and for sale on etsy. there is an actual rock inside the wool. they remind me of an alan magee painting where the rocks look so real you can't believe your eyes...

is it weird that my idea of a perfect beach involves little sand and mainly rocks? or does that just make me a true mainer? anyways...i wish you a great long weekend. i took today off from work...exciting! i'm unsure what the day will bring, but i hope i make some time to write. i've been jotting ideas that i don't want to forget for days now...

Thursday, January 14, 2010


an unexpected letter, layering clothes, catching up, yoga assists, being as warm as toast by the fire, new england, lunchtime calls with far away friends, how quickly asprin can work, seeing a new place in the light of day, going back through journals and sketch pads, paper whites, no fruit flies with winter composting, ice skating, perfect birthday gifts for friends, the sort feature, making the bed, taking care of plants, three day weekends (!), handwriting, silver jewelry, getting a back scratch, sharing portland with friends, keeping some shoes at work, the thought of handing it over to first readers, and fur lined boots.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a journey indeed...

i love this picture of tracy. it was the day we learned that flatbread has gluten-free crust and the day she helped us move into our house. midway through she got hot and needed a t-shirt (it was february...that's how hard we were working her). o went deep into the collection for an old favorite...his journey t-shirt!

yesterday marked the end of a long journey and the start of a new one for trent and tracy, as their son carter entered the world. he is pure perfection. a love. a tiny peanut. i've never held something that new or that little. thank you tracy and trent. it was humbling. one of those moments when everything is so incredibly close to the surface...if that makes any sense.

kari took some beautiful pictures found here. i captured these two quick shots at the hospital...

here's hoping carter loves slobbery dogs, going for bike rides, having a mom who can make anything and dad who can fix anything, classic rock, stacking wood, and vacuum sealed brownies.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


in order to make some of my new year's resolutions and things i want to be better about really stick in 2010 i made a journal. i kept a very detailed running journal when i ran the marathon and when i did the yoga training in philly, so i thought i'd give it a try this year. i designed the page to have exactly the information i wanted to document and made sure to include some checkboxes because i love being able to make an x when something is done. you too?

listen to music...check
wore my mouth guard...check
took vitamins...check
worked on writing...check
left keys in the front door...check (that one isn't really on there...but it should be!)

i took the document to my favorite local printer, dale rand, where they printed enough pages for the year, bound the pages, and voila...helped make me the perfect journal. thanks guys!

now i have a specific place to write down what i am thankful for, what i did that day, how my body is feeling that day and ideas/thoughts (so they don't just come and float away). it only takes me two minutes at the end of each far i am 11 for 11. i hope i can be 365 for 365!

sorry for the crappy you know my camera cord is m.i.a!

Monday, January 11, 2010


"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art"

dear weekends,
you are a love. please don't ever change.

dear arrested development,
i love that watching you for a second time is just as great as the first time.

dear new flats,
you are so cute. why would someone ever give you away?

dear half moon pose,
you are the perfect balance of effort and ease.

p.s. you are my favorite!

dear jill in my dream last night,
why did you pack your suitcase like you've never ever travelled ever in your life?

dear genius business idea,
you can come to o at any time and we'll welcome you with open arms.

dear new year's resolutions,
aren't you proud of me...i've been doing so well!

dear jedd,
you got too excited about the prospect of adult diapers. we're concerned.

dear high heeled tap shoes,
i'm going to get your little tapper repaired and then it is on!

dear camera cord,
where are you?

dear bloc party,
i'm sorry that i never know it's your music. but you should know that i learn that it's you because i always go to the ipod to see the artist of the awesome song that is playing.

dear peanut,
are you coming to live with tracy and trent this week or what?

Friday, January 8, 2010


New bolts 1
isn't this photo pure perfection? i simply adore the colors, the wrinkles, and the progression. don't you just want to crawl in between the colors...or is that just me?
wishing you a wonderful weekend. enjoy it!
photo credit

Thursday, January 7, 2010


A Snow Heart For You :) xoxox
illuminated houses against the sky just after dusk, when i have stamps, success with my paper white bulbs, my new journal (more on that soon), planning our trip to the west coast this summer, when all/most of my clothes are clean, my new jeopardy calendar from jani, when you get just the right spot with a good itch, snowdrifts, a weekend for home projects, when i don't leave my keys in the front door, my willpower in last night's dream, a new reader in kentucky, that my holiday thank you cards are complete, when you read something obvious but you read it and understand it in a new/deeper way, that we made it to january without snow that stuck, seeing changes when practicing yoga, vacation time renewed, a new neighbor at work...who happens to be a neighbor at home too, band-aids, simplicity, exciting times for friends, watching colette learn to wave, crumbled goat cheese, and when the grocery store isn't a zoo!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a loving reminder...

i took a shower today only to find a note from o written in shower crayons on the wall (seen above). it's gross, but i am bad at cleaning out the drain after i shower. our drain is already slow, so my hair isn't helping. i think the last time he had to unscrew the drain and do a major clean it was so nasty that he's had it. he brought it up one day when we were brushing our teeth. he brought it up again...and again. i told him i mean to do it, but i just forget...which is true! i've been trying to be better about it. ahh..but a gentle reminder always helps!

this was his solution. loving...and hopefully effective! looks like i have a good one.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

league night!

bowling pins

tonight is the first night of our bowling league and our team is ready. it's year three for team happy hands...we have big goals, some crazy new bowling shoes, and pink shirts! i expect lots of high fives and someone to play some lady gaga on the juke box.

my bowling name is jules calderwood...i'll be joined by jasper l. pond, sasha northfield, max ship, mittens woodmore, and satin forest. these names were created by taking the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on. be warned...some people say this is how you get your name if you work in the adult industry. hands down the best combination that i ever heard...pepperoni taylor.

what would yours be?

photo credit

Monday, January 4, 2010

whole foods...whole afternoon

when buzzing into whole foods on new year's day with em to pick something up she said, "you know some day i want to go into whole foods when i'm not in a rush an just look at everything!" well...while the boys went skiing saturday we did just that! we arrived at whole foods at 1:30ish. we poked through the fruits and veggies and decided we were going to buy some things we'd never tasted. it started with a pommelo. flash forward to sometime in the 3 o'clock hour...we decide that having explored the fruits (fresh and dried), veggies, flowers, wines, and health and beauty products we needed to break for lunch before tackling the actual aisles.

hello avocado cucumber sushi and inari. yum!

post-lunch we started at aisle 1 and spend our sweet ass time looking at every single item, picking out the labels we loved, oohing and ahhing at yummies, sharing random stories, and laughing. i took a bunch of photos with my iphone...of the pink, red, orange and purple variety...

our time included looking high and low...
and these labels reminded me of the papers i hung in my kitchen in brookline...
we left the store after four hours, couldn't remember where we'd parked, and couldn't have been happier.

that night and into yesterday our taste test included icelandic yogurt, pommelos, goji berry clusters, dried mulberries, coconut water, ginger chips for baking, sacha inchi, corn nuts, and dark chocolate covered ginger snaps.

ooooh and i got a neti pot! i have yet to try it, but i'll keep you posted!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 wisdom from an old 'yoke...

"that it will never come again
is what makes life so sweet..."
emily dickinson

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