Tuesday, December 29, 2009

woooo-wii! (two post day)

Wii for All with Panasonic VIERA ■Wii、2日間で37.2万台販売・一番人気は「Wiiスポーツ」                                            P1000429

over christmas we wiied...or played wii...or whatever people say. anyways, our hostess and new wii owner had done the fitness age test and it told her she was 71. she's half that number...minus a few more. ouch! i went for it and was a little worried it was going to tell me i was an old lady.

i bowled way better than i've ever bowled in real life. i hit five balls out of the park and played some mean tennis, then the wii started calculating. we waited...i held my breath...

30! woot-woot! it's a few months away...but i'll take it. where the hell is my stamina?

first photo credit: pinboke_planet

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  1. Damn girl, I am impressed! I was over the hill in Wii age. If it had measured "cookie eating stamina" I would have been around 12 :)
    Happy New Year (Almost) xoxo Jess


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