Thursday, December 24, 2009

'twas the night before christmas...


no for's really the night before christmas! i've been buzzing around the morning, wrapping gifts, packing bags, bundling up my second (and more experimental) attempt at dog bones for my four-legged friends, and trying not to forget anything on my mental to do list (need to write it down) before i head to work.

i remember one year when we were little and drove to see our grandparents for christmas. i was so worried that santa wouldn't know i was there, wouldn't find me, and that i would be giftless. he found he always does. however, it got me thinking about one of our family traditions...luminaries. i love the way these look and they are like runway landing lights for santa and his crew. multi-purpose! this year my dad made huge ice containers that can hold a candle...these will be little longer lasting luminaries, as not much is melting around here. can't wait to see them!

o and i are headed up the coast to spend time with our families. i hope you find yourself in a warm, festive, loving place these next few days. i also hope that if you do the santa thing...that he finds you wherever you are!

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