Thursday, December 31, 2009


confetti shower

so here is the list for 2010...
  • keep blogging (and really think about it's direction, my goals, hope, etc.)
  • plan something just as i want it for my 30th b-day
  • write. write. write!
  • read the bible (just think what a whiz i'll be watching jeopardy)...i tried this in 2006 but got stuck in!
  • take a photo class
  • floss, take vitamins, drink lots of water, and work out (at least 4x a week)
  • try to etch glass
  • be my own best friend (thanks for this one, jani!)
  • put some energy into my wardrobe (donate items that i don't wear, make a plan, and get some new [to me] stuff that works)..oooh and maybe get some new glasses (maybe)
  • hike mount katahdin and go rafting
  • be a little bit less messy around the house
this is just some of the many...i've got a bunch more! what about you? any resolutions?

photo credit: artolog

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