Wednesday, December 30, 2009

not quite my thank you notes...but it's a start!

Class Picture early 1900 ??

dear storm door,
why do you insist on squishing me between you and the door? are you upset because you live in a wind tunnel or is something else going on?

if the fainting goats don't sell and end up in the free section...just let us know. we're interested.

dear christmas tree,
i'm impressed that you never had one sip of water upon entering our house...and that you didn't drop all of your needles during your liquid strike. way to go girl! shall we quit while we're ahead?

dear woodstove pipe,
on these really cold days i have the desire to hug you. is that wrong?

dear sour cream,
your name is a little gross, but lately you've been making my burritos and baked potatoes so damn good. many thanks to you.

dear sweet tooth,
i'm curious where you came from and if you're planning on sticking around for a while?

dear morning yoga ritual,
i love you. please continue after vacation, too.

dear whole foods,
you are out of ginger chews so often. i'm not in retail, but i think this means you should larger quantities.

dear lululemon gift card,
you are burning a hole in my pocket.

dear chicken pot pie at rira,
you have replaced the chicken and biscuits at the front room. i'll be back.

dear people who add an either an "s" to the end of or a "the" at the beginning of store names,
you can stop at any time and that will be ok with the walmart, barnes and nobles, and flatbreads. smirk.

dear mother nature,
thank you for giving us that one warm day this week so i could get my act together and get the last remaining pots, lights, and lawn furniture into the shed. you are a good woman.

dear alex trebek,
i'm sorry if i hurt you when i told o that missing jeopardy on date night was "no big deal"--you know i love 7:30-8:00pm on weekdays. but to be fair you kind of had it coming when you allowed that lady to talk about potty training her cat a few month back. shame on you, especially right after dinner. can we call it even?

dear danny devito,
please please keep wearing skinny jeans. that sight made my week.


photo credit: 7scout7


  1. Love this post, the whole foods one may me laugh! Jana

  2. How am I just seeing this post now? Or perhaps rereading it? Nonetheless, the Alex Trebek/Jeopardy one was priceless.


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