Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Heart-Shaped Rock

my new nightly treat: vanilla ice cream with a scoop of peanut butter and some mini peanut butter cups from trader joes, freshly washed mittens and hats, my slippers, the website texts from last night (so juvenille, disgusting, and completely addictive), catching up with jani on the phone, a new gym routine, the folks at frost mountain yurts (so nice), how there is some strange thing where only one of us can pop out of bed in the morning while the other person snoozes forever...but it's never both of us and it changes and somehow we just know, season two of californication arriving tomorrow via netflix, lip gloss, a new bar of nivea soap, how uneven the floors are in our house, a repeat wedding invitation client, the "that's what she said" that ian had at thanksgiving dinner, burger's baby shower just days away, our neighbor's new semi-cleaned up lawn, sabra hummus, the mutter museum in philadelphia, daydreaming about what i'll go back to school for someday (currently taking suggestions), the idea of a full backyard igloo this winter, how hard o tries to have snore-free nights, a visit from the "twins" this past weekend, our group lap around mackworth, bagels with veggie cream cheese and cukes, courtney's big red couch, hannaford's double your money back fruit and veggie guarantee, the christmas carol marching band that came through a bar we were in last winter, and jeanne's cute new buggy.


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