Friday, December 11, 2009

the day on the pier...

early spring 1997. o and i both remember the day very clearly. it was unseasonably warm, the sun beaming down, and we just sat out on the bench at the end of the pier in the sun for hours. it was sometime between when we started dating after february vacation and the day we broke up in the lobby of the kennedy center before seeing shear madness on our junior class trip in washington, dc at the start of the summer. we need one of those people who remembers every day in history to help us figure out when the day on the pier actually was.

o isn't one of those people, but he says he remembers the first time he ever saw me. isn't that just crazy!?! it makes me blush and smile...and so glad that we remet in boston nearly 10 years later. it's a good thing i got my eyebrows waxed that fateful day and ran into a mutual friend on my way out! imagine if i hadn't...a unibrow and a possible missed connection!

speaking of which...have you seen this blog where the artist creates pieces based on actual craigslist missed connection posts?

have a great weekend all!

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