Monday, December 7, 2009

celebrating the peanut (two blog day)

from the minute the invite/box arrived for this fiesta (seen below), i should have know just how beautiful the entire event was going to be. it was a baby shower for tracy and it was, just like the woman of honor, so so so pretty.

see...the invite was a huge box. over the top and incredibly amazing!
back to the party. i went to christina's yesterday morning and the white snow was a perfect backdrop for the colors in her house. yellows. greens. blues. browns. these are the colors of t and t's baby's room. all i had with me for a camera was my iphone, so i did my best to capture all the details...
scene of the delicious brunch (thanks tom!)
tracy getting ready to be showered...
i parked myself right infront of the best (and prettiest) gluten free cupcakes ever!
getting to where they are today hasn't been easy for trent and tracy. oh such as 14 weeks of bedrest for example! but it will all be worth it to hold their little one in their arms. as peanut's arrival gets closer and closer, friend excitement is building and building. these two deserve to be parents and will be incredible...i just know it. seeing how they are with one another. their humor. their care for each other. one lucky peanut i tell ya!

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  1. WOW! I'm inspired by the beautiful decorations in the photos. I'd love to learn a few things from you and the ladies!


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