Tuesday, December 22, 2009

108 great things in the past few days

1. surviving rhodie driving

2. when o and his brother both had their zippers down

3. giving o's mom a hug

4. time with evan

5. new warm mittens

6. our new aerobed that is as tall as a regular bed

7. that we now travel with a fan

8. almond butter on a bagel

9. remembering o's grandpa

10. the electric recliner

11. hearing t & d talk about their relationship

12. jedd's incredible flexibility

13. reading each other horoscopes

14. yogi tea fortunes

15. that o's grandpa had newspaper pictures of o and i from high school in a drawer

16. looking at old photos of dyan

17. meeting more of o's family

18. the excitement before a snowstorm

19. walking with t, d, & o to breakfast

20. dyer avenue in cranston

21. seeing funny italian last names

22. playing the piano (mainly heart and soul)

23. the powers of hulu

24. that jani's flight change meant we could pick her up in boston

25. o agreeing to ride in the back so jani and i could talk non-stop from logan to portland

26. ravioli dinner

27. pepper and parmesan cheese

28. another sex and the city movie coming out!!!

29. that jani, o and i were all at the same episode of californication

30. i need a new show to netflix...suggestions?

31. that jani kept getting confused about the time change...repeatedly

32. lots of blankets on the third floor

33. blueberry pancakes

34. a fire in the woodstove

35. talking for hours

36. mac and cheese at 555

37. french fries

38. that the bartender at 555 actually asked the chef if i could buy some allspice from them so i wouldn't have to go to the store

39. baking ginger molasses cookies

40. our photo booth session

41. almost peeing my pants in the picture where jani looks like dwight shrute

42. seeing where emily works in boston

43. the presents i found at urban outfitters...so good

44. christmas lights everywhere

45. playing the car game with o

46. waiting for jani at the airport

47. christina's generosity

48. this post on texts from last night

49. the spice section at whole foods

50. this picture posted by the image is found...which had me laughing alone in my kitchen for way too long

51. dance lessons with o's dad

52. the writing on the cake at trent's shower

53. that jani kept reminding me to be in the present when i would get sad that she was leaving again

54. that joanna is pregnant...read her incredible blog it's so good!

55. cups of tea

56. nibbling on cheese and crackers

57. the rock shaped like a foot that kris brought me

58. helping jani write her jdate profile

59. o and i resolving to play more music in the house

60. kari's christmas card...click here

61. so many house guests

62. o and jedd on the greendrinks website seen here

63. the beijing star that odette sent along

64. finding out who the ladies of mad men are married to in real life

65. the kindling from t & t...so helpful

66. finding my color

67. [blank for you to insert something great from your past few days]

68. this super artsy photo i found on trevor's phone

69. resisting the urge to buy 100 pairs of smartwool socks at ll bean

70. the jay head is back

71. trying to convince jani to move to maine

72. helpful coworkers

73. o's place on the wall of grandchildren

74. getting my facebook fix through other people's pages

75. o trying on silly old glasses at his grandpa's house

76. new (to me) yellow chairs

77. our holiday card...not out the door yet!

78. talking about the next time i get to see jani

79. making a plan for date night

80. that we've reached the winter solstice

81. longer days from now until june

82. that we're going to try to bring our tree to new harbor...may just be sans needles by the time it arrives

83. that overbaked ginger molasses cookies can become ginger snaps!

84. easy parking all over portland

85. singing bowls

86. doing 108 sun salutations with jani (54 each)

87. meditating together

88. jani's help assembling invites

89. that my table number was 10 and jani's was 8 at north star...108!

90. amazing holiday cards

91. that i had to zip my jeans by laying on my bed dazed and confused style

92. hugs from jani

93. the worn in couch at north star

94. a bagel with avocado, olive oil, salt, pepper, and tomato

95. seeing the "VANITY" vanity plate

96. a pedicure

97. cranking through invites

98. making the fedex express shipment

99. hanging out with kris

100. grilled cheese sandwich bar at court's house

101. when o commented on court's cleavage in an underwater picture (it was her mom!)

102. relaxing on court's couch "big red"

103. toasty toes with slippers

104. that pashminas have become a staple

105. the seat heaters in our car

106. our christmas tree

107. it's a short week

108. how easy it was to make this list!

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  1. I love this list! It made my morning a little better to read about your great things while sipping my cup of coffee. :) and I second #71! Janna you should move to maine!!!!


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