Thursday, December 31, 2009


confetti shower

so here is the list for 2010...
  • keep blogging (and really think about it's direction, my goals, hope, etc.)
  • plan something just as i want it for my 30th b-day
  • write. write. write!
  • read the bible (just think what a whiz i'll be watching jeopardy)...i tried this in 2006 but got stuck in!
  • take a photo class
  • floss, take vitamins, drink lots of water, and work out (at least 4x a week)
  • try to etch glass
  • be my own best friend (thanks for this one, jani!)
  • put some energy into my wardrobe (donate items that i don't wear, make a plan, and get some new [to me] stuff that works)..oooh and maybe get some new glasses (maybe)
  • hike mount katahdin and go rafting
  • be a little bit less messy around the house
this is just some of the many...i've got a bunch more! what about you? any resolutions?

photo credit: artolog

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

not quite my thank you notes...but it's a start!

Class Picture early 1900 ??

dear storm door,
why do you insist on squishing me between you and the door? are you upset because you live in a wind tunnel or is something else going on?

if the fainting goats don't sell and end up in the free section...just let us know. we're interested.

dear christmas tree,
i'm impressed that you never had one sip of water upon entering our house...and that you didn't drop all of your needles during your liquid strike. way to go girl! shall we quit while we're ahead?

dear woodstove pipe,
on these really cold days i have the desire to hug you. is that wrong?

dear sour cream,
your name is a little gross, but lately you've been making my burritos and baked potatoes so damn good. many thanks to you.

dear sweet tooth,
i'm curious where you came from and if you're planning on sticking around for a while?

dear morning yoga ritual,
i love you. please continue after vacation, too.

dear whole foods,
you are out of ginger chews so often. i'm not in retail, but i think this means you should larger quantities.

dear lululemon gift card,
you are burning a hole in my pocket.

dear chicken pot pie at rira,
you have replaced the chicken and biscuits at the front room. i'll be back.

dear people who add an either an "s" to the end of or a "the" at the beginning of store names,
you can stop at any time and that will be ok with the walmart, barnes and nobles, and flatbreads. smirk.

dear mother nature,
thank you for giving us that one warm day this week so i could get my act together and get the last remaining pots, lights, and lawn furniture into the shed. you are a good woman.

dear alex trebek,
i'm sorry if i hurt you when i told o that missing jeopardy on date night was "no big deal"--you know i love 7:30-8:00pm on weekdays. but to be fair you kind of had it coming when you allowed that lady to talk about potty training her cat a few month back. shame on you, especially right after dinner. can we call it even?

dear danny devito,
please please keep wearing skinny jeans. that sight made my week.


photo credit: 7scout7

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

woooo-wii! (two post day)

Wii for All with Panasonic VIERA ■Wii、2日間で37.2万台販売・一番人気は「Wiiスポーツ」                                            P1000429

over christmas we wiied...or played wii...or whatever people say. anyways, our hostess and new wii owner had done the fitness age test and it told her she was 71. she's half that number...minus a few more. ouch! i went for it and was a little worried it was going to tell me i was an old lady.

i bowled way better than i've ever bowled in real life. i hit five balls out of the park and played some mean tennis, then the wii started calculating. we waited...i held my breath...

30! woot-woot! it's a few months away...but i'll take it. where the hell is my stamina?

first photo credit: pinboke_planet

red state friends...

do you know anyone in:
the dakotas
west virginieeee
new mexico or hawaii (oh hello blue states!)
south carolina

if so...these are the states from which i have never had a single blog visit. please help me spread the word!


Monday, December 28, 2009

brown paper packages tied up with string...

2007 - Day 191 - Brown paper packages tied up with string
people you meet and instantly love, the internet, seeing before and after photos of the washburn's home renovations, using what i have in my craft room, date night, the little mini snow and graham desk calendar i got from christina last year in the yankee swap, warm blankets, back rubs, hearing about how people met, this wall created and captured by the image is found, treehouses, casual friday, barn board, biking at night, all the various names for grandma and grandpa, this documentary trailer, stylish outfits that are simple, reading blog archives, the ziploc containers with the screw tops, mornings when i don't have to dig for my swipe card to unlock the door at work, and staycations!

Friday, December 25, 2009


christmas is on its way

merry christmas! today o and i drive to my family to have a delicious brunch and hang out. i heart brunch. i think i could be happy eating breakfast foods for every meal for a really long time. i won't say forever because the idea of forever scares me! anyways...i can't wait for my brother to open o's gift. he got him these. i'm excited for people to open my gifts, too!

happy weekend and i'll see you on monday!

photo credit

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'twas the night before christmas...


no for's really the night before christmas! i've been buzzing around the morning, wrapping gifts, packing bags, bundling up my second (and more experimental) attempt at dog bones for my four-legged friends, and trying not to forget anything on my mental to do list (need to write it down) before i head to work.

i remember one year when we were little and drove to see our grandparents for christmas. i was so worried that santa wouldn't know i was there, wouldn't find me, and that i would be giftless. he found he always does. however, it got me thinking about one of our family traditions...luminaries. i love the way these look and they are like runway landing lights for santa and his crew. multi-purpose! this year my dad made huge ice containers that can hold a candle...these will be little longer lasting luminaries, as not much is melting around here. can't wait to see them!

o and i are headed up the coast to spend time with our families. i hope you find yourself in a warm, festive, loving place these next few days. i also hope that if you do the santa thing...that he finds you wherever you are!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

dinner for six...

if i could have a dinner for six tonight with anyone alive in the world i'd invite:
al gore
tina fey
anne lamott
howard zinn
steve carell

i'd make a delicious soup, baguettes with herbed cream cheese, turkey, cukes, and boston lettuce and have brownies with ice cream for dessert.

it would be super casual with good tunes and a group dynamic that just worked. slippers would be mandatory.

what about you? who would you invite and what would you eat?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

108 great things in the past few days

1. surviving rhodie driving

2. when o and his brother both had their zippers down

3. giving o's mom a hug

4. time with evan

5. new warm mittens

6. our new aerobed that is as tall as a regular bed

7. that we now travel with a fan

8. almond butter on a bagel

9. remembering o's grandpa

10. the electric recliner

11. hearing t & d talk about their relationship

12. jedd's incredible flexibility

13. reading each other horoscopes

14. yogi tea fortunes

15. that o's grandpa had newspaper pictures of o and i from high school in a drawer

16. looking at old photos of dyan

17. meeting more of o's family

18. the excitement before a snowstorm

19. walking with t, d, & o to breakfast

20. dyer avenue in cranston

21. seeing funny italian last names

22. playing the piano (mainly heart and soul)

23. the powers of hulu

24. that jani's flight change meant we could pick her up in boston

25. o agreeing to ride in the back so jani and i could talk non-stop from logan to portland

26. ravioli dinner

27. pepper and parmesan cheese

28. another sex and the city movie coming out!!!

29. that jani, o and i were all at the same episode of californication

30. i need a new show to netflix...suggestions?

31. that jani kept getting confused about the time change...repeatedly

32. lots of blankets on the third floor

33. blueberry pancakes

34. a fire in the woodstove

35. talking for hours

36. mac and cheese at 555

37. french fries

38. that the bartender at 555 actually asked the chef if i could buy some allspice from them so i wouldn't have to go to the store

39. baking ginger molasses cookies

40. our photo booth session

41. almost peeing my pants in the picture where jani looks like dwight shrute

42. seeing where emily works in boston

43. the presents i found at urban good

44. christmas lights everywhere

45. playing the car game with o

46. waiting for jani at the airport

47. christina's generosity

48. this post on texts from last night

49. the spice section at whole foods

50. this picture posted by the image is found...which had me laughing alone in my kitchen for way too long

51. dance lessons with o's dad

52. the writing on the cake at trent's shower

53. that jani kept reminding me to be in the present when i would get sad that she was leaving again

54. that joanna is her incredible blog it's so good!

55. cups of tea

56. nibbling on cheese and crackers

57. the rock shaped like a foot that kris brought me

58. helping jani write her jdate profile

59. o and i resolving to play more music in the house

60. kari's christmas here

61. so many house guests

62. o and jedd on the greendrinks website seen here

63. the beijing star that odette sent along

64. finding out who the ladies of mad men are married to in real life

65. the kindling from t & helpful

66. finding my color

67. [blank for you to insert something great from your past few days]

68. this super artsy photo i found on trevor's phone

69. resisting the urge to buy 100 pairs of smartwool socks at ll bean

70. the jay head is back

71. trying to convince jani to move to maine

72. helpful coworkers

73. o's place on the wall of grandchildren

74. getting my facebook fix through other people's pages

75. o trying on silly old glasses at his grandpa's house

76. new (to me) yellow chairs

77. our holiday card...not out the door yet!

78. talking about the next time i get to see jani

79. making a plan for date night

80. that we've reached the winter solstice

81. longer days from now until june

82. that we're going to try to bring our tree to new harbor...may just be sans needles by the time it arrives

83. that overbaked ginger molasses cookies can become ginger snaps!

84. easy parking all over portland

85. singing bowls

86. doing 108 sun salutations with jani (54 each)

87. meditating together

88. jani's help assembling invites

89. that my table number was 10 and jani's was 8 at north star...108!

90. amazing holiday cards

91. that i had to zip my jeans by laying on my bed dazed and confused style

92. hugs from jani

93. the worn in couch at north star

94. a bagel with avocado, olive oil, salt, pepper, and tomato

95. seeing the "VANITY" vanity plate

96. a pedicure

97. cranking through invites

98. making the fedex express shipment

99. hanging out with kris

100. grilled cheese sandwich bar at court's house

101. when o commented on court's cleavage in an underwater picture (it was her mom!)

102. relaxing on court's couch "big red"

103. toasty toes with slippers

104. that pashminas have become a staple

105. the seat heaters in our car

106. our christmas tree

107. it's a short week

108. how easy it was to make this list!

Friday, December 18, 2009

i need a little color today...

Colorful buoys in Rockport MA

ahh...that's better! folks, i'm taking a small blog break...i'll be back on tuesday. have a lovely weekend, stay warm and have fun!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

more please!!!!

Bread Toasts
i'm a snacker. i love to graze. cheese, crackers, fruit, hummus, trail mix. ooh but one of my all time favorite snacks is toast with sweetened condensed milk spread on top. i first tried this when i was 11 on a trip to thailand. if you're skeptical (o!), you should try it. you might like it...or even love it! i bought a can at the store this week. i can't wait to crack it open. it's going to be my sweet reward for the many projects i need to finish before jani gets here in just 3 days.

if you try it let me know how it goes!

photo credit

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

grab a side and pull...


if you could make one wish right now...what would it be?
mom since it's your birthday...make another when you blow out your candles.
you get two wishes today you lucky lady!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Lens Heart

how much my plants love living on the third floor, loading up the crock pot, productive mornings, successful firestarting in the woodstove, these photos of tracy's shower by kari herer, a clean craft room, vacation time that is about to be renewed, being caught up on laundry (finally!), the earrings i bought in istanbul, catching up on the phone with tobi, christmas lights, hand lotion for my dry skin, these photos of chris o'donnell (hello dreamboat), the dried raspberries in the trail mix from trader joe's, my new book from jersey, o and his family, our gym, starting to think about my resolutions, that i've flossed and worn my mouth guard and taken my vitamins every day this month (except one night when i forgot to put my guard in), cell phones with video capabilities, midday emails from emily, my new yoga teacher, a pedicure in my future, that raymond (o's grandpa) is surrounded by big love in this time of transition and the unknown, warm showers, slippers, our little house, and clementines (still)!

oh, i also love that you read my blog. i appreciate it!

Monday, December 14, 2009

this weekend...

there was a fire started, crock pot soup, standard baking bread, a new book to read, time with friends, invitations designed, clementines consumed, yoga that was SO good, flatbread couch time, a tree selected, a tree stand attempt, yummy app upon yummy app, many a christmas cracker (with funny presents), big ball bowling, nail clipping, a muppet christmas carol sing-a-long/party, a visit from more friends, successful tree standing, cruising down town, a perfect gift found, a headache (boo!), a long nap, a tree strung with lights (seen above), a birthday wish sent, homemade pizza for dinner, some unwind time, and a boy i love.

ooh this weekend also brought pictures of marlee, a happy homemade dog bone recipient...
i'm counting the days until next weekend...jani's coming to visit and maybe tobi, too (pretty plllleeeeeeaaaassssee)! this week brings lots of fun to keep me busy...there are stockings to be stuffed, my favorite yoga class, carols to be sung, parties with friends, and work to be done!

raise your hand if you love weekends as much as i do!

Friday, December 11, 2009

the day on the pier...

early spring 1997. o and i both remember the day very clearly. it was unseasonably warm, the sun beaming down, and we just sat out on the bench at the end of the pier in the sun for hours. it was sometime between when we started dating after february vacation and the day we broke up in the lobby of the kennedy center before seeing shear madness on our junior class trip in washington, dc at the start of the summer. we need one of those people who remembers every day in history to help us figure out when the day on the pier actually was.

o isn't one of those people, but he says he remembers the first time he ever saw me. isn't that just crazy!?! it makes me blush and smile...and so glad that we remet in boston nearly 10 years later. it's a good thing i got my eyebrows waxed that fateful day and ran into a mutual friend on my way out! imagine if i hadn't...a unibrow and a possible missed connection!

speaking of which...have you seen this blog where the artist creates pieces based on actual craigslist missed connection posts?

have a great weekend all!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

third grade flashback

our office recently put boot trays near the entrance to each floor. it is reminiscent of elementary school, but i sort of like it. we need to show ms. angela adams and her carpets a little respect, no? i was stopped in my tracks today while on the third floor...someone had the same sorel boots that i had in third grade.
i hated these boots back then. of course my parents had bought me the warmest thing, but i can remember crying when i had to wear them. to me they were boy boots. i used to get dressed for recess really slow, so none of my classmates would see me putting on my boy boots. it never occurred to me that kids would see me out on the playground with the boots on just minutes later. ah to be 8 again.

also does anyone else remember wearing bags on their feet with their boots, too? i vaguely remember cramming my feet into empty bread bags. you too? or just me (and ian)?

anyways...i'm over caring about looks when it comes to winter. warmth comes first these days. as it's maine and it's cold. and today...slippery! happy thursday all. safe (and warm) travels!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the way we get by...

last night o and i watched the way we get by on mpbn, a documentary about the troop greeters in bangor, maine. i've been wanting to watch this for a while, but hadn't made it happen. it's so so good, so very maine, and an incredible glimpse into the lives of three extraordinary (and yet as ordinary as they come) individuals.

similar to how i felt after watching young @ heart, this movie made me think about what it will be that will keep me youthful, engaged, and passionate as i age.

tissues nearby encouraged!

info about the movie can be found here. for any netflix folks out there you can watch it instantly or add it to your queue.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


we had our first fire in the woodstove last night...and we (and our house) survived! the picture above is from a bonfire on chebeague from a few weeks ago, but i love it. anyways, i spent the better part of yesterday evening a few feet away from the stove. cozied up. warm. happy. addicted to the heat.

rumor has it there is a storm coming our way on wednesday. i say bring it on, mother nature. i am beyond happy to throw a meal in the crock pot, a few shovelfuls of snow, a blanket across my lap, and a log on the fire. fire extinguisher nearby, obviously.

Monday, December 7, 2009

playing in my ears...


lately when hanging around the house i keep coming back to these songs...
what about you? what ya listening to and loving?

celebrating the peanut (two blog day)

from the minute the invite/box arrived for this fiesta (seen below), i should have know just how beautiful the entire event was going to be. it was a baby shower for tracy and it was, just like the woman of honor, so so so pretty.

see...the invite was a huge box. over the top and incredibly amazing!
back to the party. i went to christina's yesterday morning and the white snow was a perfect backdrop for the colors in her house. yellows. greens. blues. browns. these are the colors of t and t's baby's room. all i had with me for a camera was my iphone, so i did my best to capture all the details...
scene of the delicious brunch (thanks tom!)
tracy getting ready to be showered...
i parked myself right infront of the best (and prettiest) gluten free cupcakes ever!
getting to where they are today hasn't been easy for trent and tracy. oh such as 14 weeks of bedrest for example! but it will all be worth it to hold their little one in their arms. as peanut's arrival gets closer and closer, friend excitement is building and building. these two deserve to be parents and will be incredible...i just know it. seeing how they are with one another. their humor. their care for each other. one lucky peanut i tell ya!

Friday, December 4, 2009


last night the ladies got together, but not for craft night...for christina's birthday. a delicious dinner was followed by some baking...of dog bones. as i type this i realize this sounds strange, but it was so fun and the dogs in our lives will be pleased! come take a look.

we mixed the ingredients (flour, milk, peanut butter, baking powder and honey)...
we rolled the dough to 1/4 inch and used our new cookie cutters...
we'd doubled the batch, so we were busy cutting and rekneeding the scraps
i loved seeing the trays full of shapes...i can't show you the finished product because they are being delivered to friends today and i don't want to spoil the surprise! however, the night made me want to be a professional dog biscuit maker and so glad to be with my girls.

photos by christina wnek

Thursday, December 3, 2009

just 1 of 1372...

this picture below taken at em and stew's wedding by the incredibly talented kari herer is just one of their 1372 wedding photos that i simply adore. the entire batch of photos are beautifully shot and capture exactly what it was like to be there.

emily's sister gave a hilarious speech where she described how jay had rigged up a way to catch fruit flies in their kitchen, but whenever em caught one when jay wasn't around she would add it to his collection so he would feel like his system was working. the photo above captures the moment stew learned what had been going on. i can hear his laugh now. jay laughing hysterically...there is nothing funnier!

would all those who think the toffic-stewart wedding should be an annual event on chebeague because it was so outrageously fun please say "i do"...I DO!

special happy birthday wishes go out to abby, christina, billy and laurie on this fine thursday!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Heart-Shaped Rock

my new nightly treat: vanilla ice cream with a scoop of peanut butter and some mini peanut butter cups from trader joes, freshly washed mittens and hats, my slippers, the website texts from last night (so juvenille, disgusting, and completely addictive), catching up with jani on the phone, a new gym routine, the folks at frost mountain yurts (so nice), how there is some strange thing where only one of us can pop out of bed in the morning while the other person snoozes forever...but it's never both of us and it changes and somehow we just know, season two of californication arriving tomorrow via netflix, lip gloss, a new bar of nivea soap, how uneven the floors are in our house, a repeat wedding invitation client, the "that's what she said" that ian had at thanksgiving dinner, burger's baby shower just days away, our neighbor's new semi-cleaned up lawn, sabra hummus, the mutter museum in philadelphia, daydreaming about what i'll go back to school for someday (currently taking suggestions), the idea of a full backyard igloo this winter, how hard o tries to have snore-free nights, a visit from the "twins" this past weekend, our group lap around mackworth, bagels with veggie cream cheese and cukes, courtney's big red couch, hannaford's double your money back fruit and veggie guarantee, the christmas carol marching band that came through a bar we were in last winter, and jeanne's cute new buggy.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

from scratch...oh and it's a two post day.

last week my mom and i spent alot of time in the kitchen cutting, cooking, chatting, and taste-testing! there was flour everywhere and we cleaned as we went. follow along as we bake an apple pie...

as a lefty/crappy peeler, i have to say...the peeler contraption is numero uno. and numero dos...why the apple pie, of course!

i was brought back to my philadelphia pie baking days with caitlin. her then boyfriend and now husband used to try to come up with the grossest pie flavor combinations to gross us out. it often worked.

i'm so excited for a visit with my dear friend in january. ticket purchased today...woohoo! she'll be 7 months pregnant by then. who knows...maybe she'll be craving tuna ambrosia pie at that point!
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