Thursday, November 5, 2009

my favorite 1983

i'm the one in the middle.

i loved this shirt. the ice cream's were puffy. i think i thought it was a scratch and sniff, too. speaking of which, i found a book i made when i was little at my parents house last year and a pizza flavored scratch and sniff sticker was stuck on. i gave it a scratch and it smelled just like it did in 1985. how is that possible that it still has that pizza flavoring still working over 24 years later?
i'm sandwiched in the photo by my brother and our dear friend andrea. ian and drea were born on the exact same day. drea's parents had the same birthday, so growing up she thought she had to marry someone with the same birthday. ian was the only person she knew.

these are right up there in the childhood photo favorites.


  1. These are so cute!!!
    Hope you are having a good first day over there!

  2. I CANT TAKE HOW CUTE YOU WERE and of course, still are!!!

  3. such great childhood memories! -andrea

  4. would that be weird to set that first image as my desktop background? it just makes me giggle!


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