Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm a ginger person!

i love ginger! there...i said it! i particularly love ginger chews from The Ginger People. if you haven't had these, you should give them a try. they make them with peanut butter, too! i buy them in the bulk section of whole foods. these lovelies make me feel better whether on a plane or boat, or after a particularly filling meal or if I get an icky feeling belly. i keep these tiny little treats in my bag, coat pockets, glove box, camera bags, suitcase, and my desk drawer. they make it all better.

are you a ginger person?


  1. That is so funny, I have a big bowl of the apple spice ones at our place. I use to eat bags of Trader Joes crystallized ginger...yes I am a strange girl. I appreciate and second your love of the delicious root. xxx Jess

  2. Heck yes I am! :) But, the photo on that bag of the ginger relaxing while eating a ginger chew might be a little too much for me. :)


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