Tuesday, November 17, 2009

good morning!

Shadow Yoga a the park on a sunny day

i pulled myself out of bed this morning for a sunrise yoga class. i figured since i fell asleep sometime in the eight o'clock hour last night, i could be up before six this morning. the anusara class was great and as i opened my heart and opened to grace i found myself stretching out and waking up. the crisp air made my fingers and my nose a little cold on the walk home. as i turned our doorknob i was met with warm air, warm air with the trace of last night's dinner (a shepard's pie made with ground turkey, brussels sprouts, potatoes, apples, onions, rosemary, and almonds), warm air that let me know i was home, warm air mixed with the warm glowing light i'd left on when leaving the house, and just like that the teapot was on and my hands were wrapped around a warm steaming mug. i am resisting every urge to fill myself with comfort food and climb back in to bed and hibernate. if i did, i'd never make it in to work.

as the sun crests our shed and pours into the kitchen, i can't go back to bed as suddenly things feel open and full of space. space to unpack, to be creative, to reconnect with those i love, to eat portland yummies, to listen to great music, to recharge my system, and get back into sync.

it's been a good morning indeed! wishing you a good morning that rolls right on into a good day!

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  1. mmmmmmmmm... yes, love mornings of clarity and grace. Welcome home!


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