Tuesday, November 24, 2009

friends + thanksgiving = friendsgiving!

on sunday night we gathered with friends in the west end for an "early bird" or a friendsgiving (a term that trevor has trademarked). there were incredible apps, too many cooks in the kitchen, a handful of pats fan, and when it was all said and done many a belt was loosened.

we were (or should i say i was) tasked with bringing greens and cornbread. in honor of emily we brought creamed spinach.

in order to make some room for dessert we played a big game of salad bowl/celebrity.

some of my favorite moments from the night included:
-when i looked over and o was trying to pour out gravy, which had since congealed, and nothing was coming out of the spout.
-when it came out that trevor had just learned that day that hannah montana and miley cyrus were the same person.
-watching josh act out ron jeremy during salad bowl

i am thankful...so very thankful for the food, the friends, the humor, and for somehow managing not to overeat to the point of illness. now that my stomach has been warmed up and stretched out...bring on the real deal.

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  1. How does Ron Jeremy always end up in Salad Bowl?!


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