Wednesday, November 25, 2009

feet first.

Seamless Argyle Socks, Close-Up

last night i was in the kitchen preparing dinner when the back motion light popped on. it was o parking his bike and home for the evening. he opened the back door and his pant leg was rolled up to stay bike grease free. his argyle sock was visible. i had to smile. suddenly i had a moment. my life has gotten more colorful since i have known this guy. brighter from the ground up. my socks are more fun. my sock drawer a blend of stripes, dots, argyle and colors. it is a simple thing, but it makes me smile when i see his feet or take my shoes off.

when i think about being grounded, having a strong foundation and being rooted, which is something that is so important to me...i'm glad that together as our feet find the earth we are making it fun, colorful and stylish!

thanks o. super thankful for you on all turkey's eve.

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