Sunday, November 15, 2009

back from turkey!

after a full day of travel, i just arrived home from 12 days in istanbul! it was a long journey and it feels so good to be nestled in on the couch with my pajamas, slippers and a big cup of tea. the week was filled with long workdays, a quick hour in the bazaar, and seeing the results of all of our hard work over the past year. the conference was a success. i owe big thanks to my two travel companions! thanks mrs. kate and mrs. kristen.

a few strange moments captured on my phone ( i took so few photos!)...

seeing mahmoud ahmadinejad and his entourage in our hotel lobby

this nasty cat feeding frenzy
hope you enjoyed the photos and trip down memory lane last week while i was away. starting this week, things go back to normal on the blog.

trying my hardest to stay up until 9pm tonight, but my eyes are crossing and my bed is calling!

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