Monday, November 30, 2009

let's hop in the way back machine...

on friday my family and i drove to exeter, a small town in central maine. it's the place i grew up from birth to age 14. i hadn't been back since the day we moved over 15 years ago. as i drove through the hills places started to look was wild!

i keep trying to figure out how to best describe what it felt like. the best analogy that i can come up with is when you are reading a picture book that you've read many times before and you sort of know what is coming on the next page, but you aren't quite sure...until you turn the page and then you can't imagine how you ever forgot. that's what friday felt thousand times over. i was nervous about going, i'm not really sure why. but the second i got there it was a recognizable backdrop with all the familiar faces. some of the details had changed, ahhh but haven't we all.

as we spent the day on the hill, i was continually reminded of how lucky ian and i were to grow up with our dear friends (who all now live in the dc area). it was simple. spacious. rustic. beckoning our creativity. i also think about the moment our parent's paths crossed back in 1978. we are blessed!

speaking of blessed...[not so] "little" billy commented on how miraculous it was that he and i could be sitting across the table from each other, when 20 years before we couldn't even be in the same room without tormenting each other. again, we've changed. andrea stood up for me and noted that the problem was often that little billy was just getting in the way of our groove. i'm pretty sure that by groove she was referring to us practicing this (the first 10 seconds are a fuzzy, but so worth the wait)...

oh girls just want to have fun...seriously how many times did we watch that movie?

here are some of the details from the trip that are now sitting deep in my memory and in my heart.

the shingles on this handmade home...

the ladder to the loft...
cozy toes...
viv rocking the coolest shirt ever!
the saddle, which we rode for hours as kids, in the stairwell...
the bat bedroom, part of the addition...
oh hello lulu and cassie...
wallpaper that just takes me back...
a mirror image (raise your hand if you get the double meaning)...
good people. big love. growing families. laughter until the point of tears. electricity...finally!

Friday, November 27, 2009

hello perfect evening!

after driving home on this rainy friday afternoon, i turned on the oven and popped in two potatoes. homage to the fields and fields i drove past as i made my way back from an incredible day trip to central maine. 45 minutes later, as the rain showered down, i poured a glass of wine, pulled the potatoes out of the over, added some sour cream and scallions, grabbed my slippers, and cozied up on the couch.

it was delicious. all of it! wishing you a wonderful weekend.

why did it take 29+ years?

stroopwafles. are. insanely. good. seriously, i cannot believe i didn't have one (or more) of these sooner in my life. so delicious and so sweet. the two thin layers of waffle batter are baked and then a caramel-ish filling holds them together. they make me want to move to the netherlands tomorrow. thankfully they sell them in portland too, so i can stay here and overeat in the comfort of my own home! want to come over and help?

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Thursday, November 26, 2009



wishing you all a wonderful thanksgiving. we've eaten our first round and something tells me we'll all find our way back to the kitchen for a second dinner.

i hope that wherever you are in the world today that you are surrounded by friends and loved ones, eating comfort food, enjoying traditions, slowing down, and going up for a second helping!

i am celebrating with my mom, my dad, and my brother. it's been a long time since it was just the four of us. thankful entirely sums up how i feel. we are of course missing jani, but glad she is in good hands today.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

feet first.

Seamless Argyle Socks, Close-Up

last night i was in the kitchen preparing dinner when the back motion light popped on. it was o parking his bike and home for the evening. he opened the back door and his pant leg was rolled up to stay bike grease free. his argyle sock was visible. i had to smile. suddenly i had a moment. my life has gotten more colorful since i have known this guy. brighter from the ground up. my socks are more fun. my sock drawer a blend of stripes, dots, argyle and colors. it is a simple thing, but it makes me smile when i see his feet or take my shoes off.

when i think about being grounded, having a strong foundation and being rooted, which is something that is so important to me...i'm glad that together as our feet find the earth we are making it fun, colorful and stylish!

thanks o. super thankful for you on all turkey's eve.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

friends + thanksgiving = friendsgiving!

on sunday night we gathered with friends in the west end for an "early bird" or a friendsgiving (a term that trevor has trademarked). there were incredible apps, too many cooks in the kitchen, a handful of pats fan, and when it was all said and done many a belt was loosened.

we were (or should i say i was) tasked with bringing greens and cornbread. in honor of emily we brought creamed spinach.

in order to make some room for dessert we played a big game of salad bowl/celebrity.

some of my favorite moments from the night included:
-when i looked over and o was trying to pour out gravy, which had since congealed, and nothing was coming out of the spout.
-when it came out that trevor had just learned that day that hannah montana and miley cyrus were the same person.
-watching josh act out ron jeremy during salad bowl

i am very thankful for the food, the friends, the humor, and for somehow managing not to overeat to the point of illness. now that my stomach has been warmed up and stretched out...bring on the real deal.

Monday, November 23, 2009

happy birthday jay...

on jay's 30th birthday, o and i each made a jay on a stick for the party. one which his mother wanted after the party and one which has been in the glovebox of our car since then. well...we started taking pictures of the jay on a stick and here are some highlights of what happened.

for more jay on a stick pics click here. note: the jay on a stick actually travelled with me to istanbul. creepy!

happy birthday jbs and thanks for such a fun weekend!

Friday, November 20, 2009

a dream retreat!

i not so secretly would love to rent this house on peaks island for a long weekend in the middle of winter (assuming it is winterized) . a dream retreat! i would cook hearty meals, bake cookies, read, listen to music, do yoga, write, edit, sleep, possibly be a little lonely at times, nestle in on a big couch with a heavy comforter with a cup of tea, invite o over to take a long walk around the island with me, take a few naps, wear my slippers, build a silly snowman, shut my phone off, dance around, probably make some lists, climb carefully along the rocky shore, visit the island library, peek in the windows of empty summer cottages, and when it was all over and my ferry had docked...i'd meet friends at flatbread for dinner. of course flatbread would have the veggie special with scallions, black beans, corn, and creme fraiche!

i'm pretty sure most of the dream retreats i can imagine end with this last bit.

i'm curious...where would a dream retreat be for you and what would it entail?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

oh my darlin'...oh my darlin'...

it seems that everytime o's parents come for a visit they make a pit stop at whole foods before they arrive and suddenly our fridge and cabinets are filled with snacks and delicious edibles. unnecessary, but always a treat. i missed two visits while i was in istanbul, but it's clear they were here. one quick glimpse in the fridge and i am sure. first, o isn't usually inspired to grocery shop on his own (which is why we loaded up before i left). second, there was bottle of poland spring sparkling water--a sure sign the mr. of the grocery fairies was here.

i've nearly devoured the box of clementines in the fridge. they are so easy to peel and my favorite snack. i think i ate three little guys yesterday. many thanks to my darlin' t and my darlin' d! i missed seeing you both, but think of you each time i crack open the fridge and my next clementine!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

right now...

i'm loving...our new gym, that the tiny little retail space in the east end is finally under contract, being home!, fried egg and cheese on a perfectly toasted bagel, the frost on our roof, car and grass letting us know what is coming, that it's jay's birthday this weekend, thanksgiving right around the corner, the banana bread with chocolate chunks that o brought me from rosemont last night, philly in my future, the sunsets from my desk at work (not loving that i'm actually at work when the sun is setting), homecooked meals, new readers, planes with individual tvs, that it smells like snow outside, going to bed early, the hay-hay cookies i brought back for jedd from istanbul (insert moose joke here), some days off in my future, rosemary, a weekend of friends and food just days away, the idea of getting my gocco machine out to make holiday cards, o's big blue eyes, waking up at 5:30 am only to fall back asleep while thinking about all the people i simply adore all over the map, and matt and tobi as the proud new parents of cora...
i hope cora loves reading dan savage, matt's awkward hugs, 30 rock, strange movies, tobi's chuck taylors, having to forcefully remove thai food from friends, and cruising around ithaca. can't wait to meet the newest member of the hibbee family! congrats!

blog followers...may you know love in big big ways on this lovely wednesday.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

good morning!

Shadow Yoga a the park on a sunny day

i pulled myself out of bed this morning for a sunrise yoga class. i figured since i fell asleep sometime in the eight o'clock hour last night, i could be up before six this morning. the anusara class was great and as i opened my heart and opened to grace i found myself stretching out and waking up. the crisp air made my fingers and my nose a little cold on the walk home. as i turned our doorknob i was met with warm air, warm air with the trace of last night's dinner (a shepard's pie made with ground turkey, brussels sprouts, potatoes, apples, onions, rosemary, and almonds), warm air that let me know i was home, warm air mixed with the warm glowing light i'd left on when leaving the house, and just like that the teapot was on and my hands were wrapped around a warm steaming mug. i am resisting every urge to fill myself with comfort food and climb back in to bed and hibernate. if i did, i'd never make it in to work.

as the sun crests our shed and pours into the kitchen, i can't go back to bed as suddenly things feel open and full of space. space to unpack, to be creative, to reconnect with those i love, to eat portland yummies, to listen to great music, to recharge my system, and get back into sync.

it's been a good morning indeed! wishing you a good morning that rolls right on into a good day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

oh sweet sleep!

i counted -17 of those last night! i made it until about 9:30 last night before my head touched the pillow (i was likely already asleep) and i slept straight through until 7:30 this morning. oh except for the one minute middle of the night wake-up when o got home from his trip to las vegas. i thought someone was in my hotel room. my eyes quickly adjusted and i remembered right where i was. a kiss before slipping back into the most restful of sleeps.

it was a hummus-free breakfast this morning, but i did all right.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

back from turkey!

after a full day of travel, i just arrived home from 12 days in istanbul! it was a long journey and it feels so good to be nestled in on the couch with my pajamas, slippers and a big cup of tea. the week was filled with long workdays, a quick hour in the bazaar, and seeing the results of all of our hard work over the past year. the conference was a success. i owe big thanks to my two travel companions! thanks mrs. kate and mrs. kristen.

a few strange moments captured on my phone ( i took so few photos!)...

seeing mahmoud ahmadinejad and his entourage in our hotel lobby

this nasty cat feeding frenzy
hope you enjoyed the photos and trip down memory lane last week while i was away. starting this week, things go back to normal on the blog.

trying my hardest to stay up until 9pm tonight, but my eyes are crossing and my bed is calling!

Friday, November 13, 2009

why mom why?

i have come to terms with my hair in the early 90s. i blame my mom and my next door neighbor (who was in cosmetology school) for what you'll see below. as o puts it, "you couldn't buy a mullet wig that good." i'll give it to you raw and untamed and then more styled during school picture day.

for the record i'd like to state that i can remember feeling beautiful the day in the jean ensemble. i even have the "modeling" photos of me posing in a tree in my red denim jacket to prove it, but i'm not quite ready to release those just yet. also, ian is hanging in the background, but he had a pretty sweet flat top if i do recall. i wish he'd had the same hairdo.

mom, what do you have to say for yourself? she's going to say that she thinks i was really cute.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

do they make them any cuter than these two?

here is my dad (circa 1953) with his dad/my gubby...

here is my mom (circa 1958) in her school photo...


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

one...singular sensation

can you pick me out in this photo? no, i'm not the one on the far right. any other guesses?

this was from my 4th or 5th grade dance recital. we tap danced to the song "one" from a chorus line.

if you'd like to see the video, just ask my mom--she'll gladly show you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

jana's bat mitzvah

this is the picture of jana's bat mitzvah that i referenced a few months ago. this photo makes me happy for 3 reasons:
1. the slouch socks
2. the stuff going on behind/around her
3. that she had this dress custom made...she chose this!

a few months ago she was wearing this shirt.
after knowing her for many years i'd never seen this shirt which she casually was wearing one day--she claims i have. abby, can you settle this.

it says: i had a blast a jana's bat mitzvah on x date at the hyatt. i want this shirt. i also really wish i'd been there.

Monday, November 9, 2009

inspired by dorothy hamill

three questions:
1. did you have bring your cabbage patch and pose on an ugly wall day at your school?
2. where did my bangs actually start?
3. which hairdo would you rather have mine or my dolls?

i'll let any of your mean comments roll right of the back of my purple satin jacket. huzzah!

Friday, November 6, 2009

july 20, 1973

here are my parents on their wedding day on july 20, 1973. this was the only day in history that my father had his hair done. a day he would never live down.

wedding day...

their 25th (or was it 30th) wedding anniversary...

love you two!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

my favorite 1983

i'm the one in the middle.

i loved this shirt. the ice cream's were puffy. i think i thought it was a scratch and sniff, too. speaking of which, i found a book i made when i was little at my parents house last year and a pizza flavored scratch and sniff sticker was stuck on. i gave it a scratch and it smelled just like it did in 1985. how is that possible that it still has that pizza flavoring still working over 24 years later?
i'm sandwiched in the photo by my brother and our dear friend andrea. ian and drea were born on the exact same day. drea's parents had the same birthday, so growing up she thought she had to marry someone with the same birthday. ian was the only person she knew.

these are right up there in the childhood photo favorites.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

flying away...

i depart for istanbul today. this morning is filled with packing, emails, and a yummy breakfast. since this trip to istanbul will be (way) less scenic and way more hotel time (being work and all), i've decided to try a little something different while i am gone. i will still blog each day, but instead of blogging about what i'm doing and thinking about right now. i've gone into the photo archives and i'll share pictures from the past with a little writing, too.

i'm not bringing my fancy camera on this trip so you may get some iphone photos, too!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm a ginger person!

i love ginger! there...i said it! i particularly love ginger chews from The Ginger People. if you haven't had these, you should give them a try. they make them with peanut butter, too! i buy them in the bulk section of whole foods. these lovelies make me feel better whether on a plane or boat, or after a particularly filling meal or if I get an icky feeling belly. i keep these tiny little treats in my bag, coat pockets, glove box, camera bags, suitcase, and my desk drawer. they make it all better.

are you a ginger person?

Monday, November 2, 2009

best halloween weekend...ever!

ahoy. my fantastic weekend started when i was picked up for my ride to boston by this guy...
we arrived at bryce and kelly's where i parked it in front of the best appetizers ever (cream cheese, red pepper jelly and crackers and melba crackers with granny smith apples and cheddar cheese). we carved pumpkins across the street from their house at the bunker hill monument. it was 70 degrees outside with a warm breeze...

em and stew carved a laser kitty (there coupleness in carved pumpkin form)
we took a family photo on the steps...

we had perfect seats for the charlestown halloween parade and trick or treating extravaganza! this little guy was my favorite...

then we went to the guster concert at the orpheum (time split between the balcony and sixth row), which was the best. my throat hurt from singing.

throughout the night we saw some excellent costumes. here are a few of my favorites...

papa smurf...
jon gosselin...

a maine man with a built in beer holder...

i also loved tuck as will arnett/gob bluth, which required no costume. the night wrapped up with a sleepover at em and stew's!

yesterday morning o and i gained an hour, met jerz for brunch in beacon hill, hit up the trader joe's on route one, and had a pretty decent car radio sing-a-long (featuring danzig, somewhere over the rainbow, the black eyed peas, 311, kings of leon, bob marley, and insane in the membrane).

we arrived home in portland in time for a long walk along the eastern prom. we took a few staged senior portraits against a random 3 foot fence we found (what else was it for? you can't make a backdrop this good)...

and spotted two senior citizens wearing the exact shoes o was wearing. they don't call him old man for nothing!
we landed at flatbread for a quick drink before arriving home to the smell of yummy turkey chili. with it getting dark at 5 and all, we hunkered down for some chow and mad men.

this weekend allowed me to forget about all the work that lies ahead and just be. be silly. be a fan. be in the place where o and i remet. be with so many of my favorite people. be outside. and be ridiculously happy.

many thanks to kelly and emily who donated photos for this post! xoxo!

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