Friday, October 16, 2009

yes (wo)man

...and she said "yes" :)
last night o and i watched yes man, which was entertaining.  the main character has to yes to anything he is presented with.  the movie got me thinking whether i could take one day (which no one else would know) and say yes to everything that came my way.  it would be an odd experiment and who knows where i would end up.  on a less drastic and potentially life altering scale, i know i could say yes to...

easy shopping for a new pair of jeans (i can't find my favorite style online anywhere),  being a tiny bit less of a homebody in these cool weather months, time spent with friends, receiving non-junk mail, getting outside to enjoy the fall air, taking more pictures, a few extra days off around thanksgiving, cleaning out the garage so we can stack wood for our stove, a new pair of homemade mittens (wait for it...), a big mug of peppermint tea, a super productive day at work, more episodes of weeds, a cat-free backyard, a fun date with o, bowling league, sneezing a little quieter, bread from standard baking company (ooh and those molasses cookies, too) and waking up tomorrow feeling rested.

what about you?  what could you say yes to right now?

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  1. The pumpkin bread waiting for me at home :) Oh and I wish it were as easy as saying "yes" to jeans shopping...sigh. xxx your faithful blog reader Jess


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