Wednesday, October 28, 2009


abe's little sweats with a red heart sewn on the back, that 3 years ago this week i completed the marine corps marathon, sunday's warm weather, craft night (it's tonight!), the thought of the ham, cheese and butter on a baguette at charles de gaulle on my upcoming layover, our new reading nook, all the great things i got from the clothing swap, that jani and abby will be together for thanksgiving, that last week i watched yes man and last night at space we saw the yes men, big things checked off the to do list, great travel companions for istanbul, vick's vitamin c drops...especially the pink ones, the silly direction giver in city hall, that laetitia showed up in my dream last night...oh hello, liz lemon's dealbreakers, brainstorms for new years, people who are really good at editing, talking through 2nd floor renovation ideas, yesterday's lunch date, elliott's enthusiasm, mom and dad's halloween creativity, getting re-energized to do some writing, working closely with people i really like and respect, pants that don't wrinkle easily, my merrill boots, hardboiled eggs and avocado, and looking at old photos.
it's wednesday my dears...make it a good one!

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  1. In case you are planning a surprise Thanksgiving Day visit...TUC is the airport code you need to know, and call anytime of day or night and we'll be there to pick you up. :)


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