Monday, October 26, 2009

i heart the weekend!

we drove to new harbor on saturday afternoon. it was a rainy drive! when we arrived we cozied up on the couch and caught up with o's parents. we ate a delicious fish chowder with fresh bread and salad. i was stuffed and happy. the rain had stopped, so o's mom suggested an evening walk. we got our flashlights and headed out along the dark dirt road. we could hear the waves crashing on the rocks off in the distance. we made our way to the rocks (seen here in daylight)...

it was scary! as our eyes adjusted and we made our way down the path to the rocks i could see the white against the dark sky as the huge waves broke against the shore. we sat on the rocks taking it all in. when we arrived back home, i curled up on the couch with a chocolate chip cookie and my book. we could hear the rain pattering against the roof. we'd caught the break. it was a wet saturday and a wonderful saturday.

i awoke sunday in a perfect little bed in their beautiful post and beam cottage. the sunlight bright, the orange trees reflecting into the cove.

O's mom had laid out a yoga mat for me and we each did some much needed stretches in the livingroom, gazing out towards the water as I came to upward facing dog.

Then for a yummy breakfast and a walk with o's mom. Not cloud in the sky, the temperature at almost 60, the ground wet from the rain. We stopped at the rocks and took it all in, this time with our full sense of vision!

We headed back to Portland, stopping along the way to capture this tree.

O went to watch the football game, so I tackled our garage (cleaning for the wood that arrives on Thursday afternoon) and backyard. I pulled up the annuals and cut back our perennials, emptied pots, and filled the compost bin to the brim (smirk).

Here are the last of the dahlias for this year...

We even had some special visitors last night--more on that tomorrow! As I gear up for Istanbul, this weekend was an energetic boost. How was your weekend?

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